Working with Spirit: The Gift of Channeling

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Each of us comes to this world with a purpose. We have a mission – a contract made with Spirit – that we need to bring into fruition but it is forgotten until we reawaken. Channeling is a psychic healing art that allows us to connect to Spirit directly and share love, healing, and guidance with ourselves and those around us.

Channeling guidance from the Divine realms comes in many forms. Some of us connect with archangels, others speak with ascended masters, star people, passed loved ones, deities, fairies, guides, and nature spirits.

There are a lot of beings in the higher realms who want to connect with and help us. Each of us has the ability to channel Divine guidance, the only necessary step is learning how to connect with the higher spiritual realms.

Since channeling is essentially passing on information from the higher realms of wisdom, it can also be referred to as bringing forth the Divine truth.

To channel, you must shift your awareness and enter an expanded state of being. When you expand your consciousness in this way, you gain access to the higher realms where we find wisdom, knowledge, truth, and love.

Channeling is a beautiful gift that touches us on a deeper level. Each time you channel, you interact with the Divine realms, which means you raise your vibration and consciousness.

Those who channel have the ability to affect real change in this world. Channeling gives us access to high vibrational frequencies, Divine love and guidance, and answers to questions we may have.

The gift of channeling can be different for everyone, but there are three main types of channeling you should know about:

Clairvoyant Channeling

Those who use clairvoyant channeling see into the higher realms with their third eye and psychic sight. Clairvoyant channels typically see symbols, angels, images, and translate these visuals into a message or reading from Spirit.

When a person engages in clairvoyant channeling, they receive messages through symbols, words, and frequency and must interpret, translate, and share it with the recipient(s).

Clairvoyant channels have to choose the words to use when passing on messages, which means they must have a consistent dialogue with Spirit so they understand what certain images mean to them. For example, a clairvoyant channel may come to the understanding that a bouquet of roses represents a female elder such as a mother or grandmother.

Many who channel start off as clairvoyant channels. After time, their vibration increases, and they become conscious channels.

Conscious Channeling

With conscious channeling, the messenger needs to be in a relaxed and expanded state of consciousness. Conscious channels allow higher vibrational beings to align with their energy for the purpose of communicating, healing, and passing on information.

Conscious channels are still in their bodies and remain in charge during the session. What sets conscious channeling apart from clairvoyant channeling is the person’s vibration becomes elevated so they match the higher vibrational beings they’re connecting with.

Conscious channels can feel the higher frequency passing through them and often sense it as a stream of consciousness running alongside their own. They pass messages on word for word and typically the archangels or ascended masters who are working with the channel use vocabulary the channel would use. Though the vocabulary is familiar, it is important to remember that the message is from Source.

Trance Channeling

Those who trance channel are taken over by guides, angels, or light beings. When this happens, the channel temporarily leaves their body (and enters another dimension) so the guide can step in and speak directly.

Trance channeling should not be attempted by anyone who doesn’t have extensive training, experience, or supervision. When doing this kind of channeling, it is critical that only beings of the highest light and vibration are allowed to connect and come through.


Each type of channeling can be used to discover more about your path and connect with others. In these times of celestial speed-up, it is important that we have an open line of safe and sacred communication with Spirit so we can continue to raise our vibration as a planet.