Working With the Earth Star Chakra

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Earth Star ChakraIf you’re familiar with the seven-chakra system then you’re aware of the goal to keep them open, activated, and healed. Having your seven main chakras balanced perfectly all the time takes hard work and frankly, it’s unrealistic. Because we’re in this 3D realm and things happen to us on a daily basis that shake us up, we can’t always be in perfect balance, but we can strive to be as much as we can.

It’s easy for many of us on a spiritual path to get caught up in the idea of ascension. Obviously, that’s what we’re here to do, especially us healers, so we tend to focus on our higher chakras. In truth, it’s important to build a firm foundation first by grounding yourself to the Earth’s crystalline grid.

When you activate your upper chakras, you’ll run more crystalline energy through your lightbody than before. To prevent energetic overload, and to prevent yourself from burning out, you should activate your Earth Star Chakra first.

The Earth Star Chakra-Earth Connection

The Earth Stone Chakra is located approximately 12 inches below the feet and represents our oneness, connection to the Earth, and the collective human consciousness. Working to balance, activate, and heal the Earth Star Chakra will allow you to complete powerful clearing and healing work for yourself, the Earth, and all of humanity.

Your Earth Star Chakra is your connection to the Spirit of Mother Earth and her crystalline grid. When this chakra is activated, you will become closer to the magic, healing, and sacred energy of our planet.

Whether you’re doing spiritual work for yourself or your a healer who works with clients, the more you start to reach higher into Divine energy, the more important it is for you to anchor yourself to the Earth.

A clear and balanced Earth Star Chakra means you can be clear and balanced in your daily life. You will effectively function in the physical reality while working with the higher realms for healing work and ascension.

Activating the Earth Star Chakra

Working on the Earth Star Chakra is fairly simple. One thing you can do is call upon Archangels Metatron and Sandalpon. Ask them to open, activate, and heal this chakra in accordance with your highest and best good.

You can also meditate (while focusing on your intentions) outside on the ground, in water, or in a hammock where you can hear nature sounds. From this point, call upon Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon again to balance, clear, and restore your Earth Star Chakra so that you can have a solid connection to the Earth and its energy.

Working with crystals

As with many spiritual practices, crystals are our aids in this line of work. When focusing on your Earth Star Chakra, hold, wear, or meditate with any of the following cleansed and programmed stones:

  • Black kyanite
  • Black obsidian
  • Chiastolite
  • Black tourmaline
  • Any other stone for grounding that you resonate with

Working with your Earth Star Chakra takes practice, so don’t be discouraged if opening up this chakra takes time. Keep at it and your strong connection to the Earth will be worth it.