Who are the Ascended Masters?

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ascended mastersAn Ascended Master is someone who paid off their karma here on Earth so they could leave the rebirth cycle. In other words, Ascended Masters have attained Mastery over themselves.

In their ascended state, Ascended Masters are beings of light are in non-corporeal form. They took on many lives in a physical body just like you, and through determination and free will, they raised their vibration and consciousness to a karmically clear state. Many people follow the misconception that the Ascended Master is not the past life person or the lower-self person who reached ascension. The Ascended Master is the higher self of the person who was determined to ascend.

As an example, when you call upon Jesus, you are reaching out to the past life persona of the person who ascended to and surrendered to his Higher Self. It is not the persona of Jesus that responds to you, rather, it is the Higher Self of Jesus that responds.

Each of us has a Higher Self that we must strive to integrate into our physical selves. In truth, those of us who are attempting to ascend are Masters in waiting. All Higher Selves are great Beings who yearn for a life of total purity and light.

As we continue to work on our ascension, we can call upon those who ascended before us for help. Some include the following:

Kuan Yin

A Master of the 3rd ray of unconditional love, Kuan Yin is also known as the goddess of compassion and the Bodhisattva of Mercy. Many healers call upon her to heal the emotional body of themselves and their clients. Kuan Yin helps us with the internal struggles that we tend to let bottle up inside of us.

When you feel like your emotions are out of control, reach out to Kuan Yin. She is here to help us balance and clear the emotional body while sending in feelings of deep peace and serenity.


The Hindu god Ganesh is a Cosmic Master for the 5th ray, which is tied to healing, truth, and knowledge. He is one of the major healers among the Ascended Masters, which means he is a great ally for deep, spiritual healing.

Many of us know him as the remover of obstacles and recognize his association with learning and knowledge. In these times of great Ascension, Ganesh will help all of humanity, especially those who call on him by name.

Jesus Christ

Jesus is an Ascended Master of the 2nd ray, which is tied to wisdom, joy, and lightness of being. He is here to remind us of our connection to the Divine and to Christ Consciousness. Even when he was on Earth, Jesus works with the energies of teaching, unconditional love, forgiveness, devotion, and joy. Jesus reminds us that when we acknowledge the Christ Being within ourselves, we ascend into our Higher Self. Beyond that, we can ascend into our own Christ Light.

Saint Germain

As one of the most widely known Ascended Masters, Saint Germain assists us with change, transmutation, alchemy, and magic. As the lord of the 7th ray, Saint Germain prepares our souls for the scientific ritual of transmutation via the violet flame. Together with his twin flame the ascended lady master Portia, Saint Germain assists us with the energies of freedom, alchemy, sacred ritual, and mercy. Together, these energies culminate in a new lifewave, civilization, and global energy.