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If you’re just learning about the metaphysical realm, you’ve likely come across the term “energy work” a few times. With many people embracing their intuitive gifts, Reiki, ThetaHealing, and shamanic practitioners are popping up across the globe. But what exactly is energy work and how is it beneficial? “Energy work” refers to practices that interact with the subtle energy field of the human body. Everyone can interact with the subtle energy around the human body and we all have the innate ability to detect it with our hands. Practitioners who perform energy work have simply studied it longer and have worked to develop their gifts and energy sensitivities.

During a session, the practitioner may place their hands on the client, if this is within the client’s comfort zone, and correct any imbalances or blockages. Popular modalities include Reiki, therapeutic touch, chakra balancing, shamanism, and ThetaHealing.

As more of the world’s population awakens, more people can detect, see, and interact with the subtle energy field that exists around the human body. Perhaps you’ve heard of this awakening. Many believe that people across the globe are waking up to their intuitive abilities and that once we each embrace our natural gifts, we will reach our pure intention as humans – we will have a higher vibration.

People who closed off their intuitive abilities as children are detecting auras, seeing spirits, developing keen tarot reading skills, and conducting healing sessions with animals. Humans around the globe are starting to ascend to a higher vibration through this kind of work – and it’s beautiful!

If you’re new to energy work, here are some modalities to explore:

Crystal healing
Qi Gong
Guided meditation
Sound therapy


What can I expect during a session?

It is important to note that every energy session is different. The direction your session will go will depend on your intention, your amount of self-knowledge, and, to some degree, your practitioner’s amount of experience. Whether you’re receiving a Reiki treatment, a guided meditation, or a ThetaHealing session, anything can pop up. You may receive a message from a spirit guide or ancestor, you might see colors, and you may experience a shift in energy.

As far as protocol, you’ll mostly likely begin your session with a little bit of conversation about your intention for the energy session. Your practitioner may state his or her intention aloud or pray with you and then begin. Most practitioners who have a commercial space or place in their home will have you lying on a massage table. If that doesn’t work for you, nearly all energy modalities can be completed in a seated position as well.

What does the practitioner experience?

When a practitioner works with a client, he or she is acting as the conduit, which means the energy work is being transmitted through the practitioner to the client much like a wire conducts electricity. The client may feel moved just like they would when listening to a piece of music. The client may see visual images in their mind’s eye, experience emotional shifts, or the releasing of physical tension or pain.

The specifics of each modality are different, but most believe in the Universal Life Force that supplies us with endless amounts of cleansing energy. During an energy session, the practitioner will “connect” to ULF and channel energy that’s in accordance with the highest and greatest good of their client. Depending on the work that’s being conducted, the practitioner may receive messages that are to be relayed to the client. The practitioner can also take any specific requests into consideration when conducting an energy session. For example, if the client has had digestion issues, it’s possible that something is affecting their solar plexus and needs to be released. If the client is experiencing tension in a certain area of their body due to work or stress, the practitioner can focus on that area of the body as well to help the client let go of that which no longer serves them.

It is important to note that energy work should not replace any medical services. If you’re experiencing serious medical concerns, you should make an appointment to see your doctor. Energy work should be considered complementary to modern medical services and not a replacement.