It’s a Thing: Crystal-Infused Water

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So you’ve heard of crystal healing, right? If you’re in the beginning stages of learning about it, crystal healing is a practice in which people place crystals on the body, wear them, or hold them during meditation in order to help the body heal. Recently, crystal healing has been taken to the next level with crystal-infused water.

Yes, you read that right. Crystal-infused water.

Many people are adding gemstones to their water bottles, pitchers, and dispensers so they directly benefit from the positive vibrations of the stones. Adding crystals to your water is much more than staying on trend, however. Crystal-infused water is beneficial for several reasons.

Crystals detoxify the body

By now you’ve probably heard that every crystal has its own properties, meaning, and vibration. Rose-quartz, for example, is a stone that is often used in healing work because of its self-love properties. Citrine is used to manifest personal power, abundance, and joy. In addition to these meanings, many crystals also detoxify. Take shungite, for instance. Shungite is a rare stone that hails from Russia that can detoxify and cleanse the human body. In fact, it is often used to cleanse water because it effectively removes free radicals and almost 95% of contaminants including phenols, pesticides, oil, and more.

There is a difference

What’s fascinating about crystal water is the fact that it’s entirely different from regular drinking water. When crystals and water work together, they positively change your water, right down to the taste and texture. Both crystals and water have the ability to conduct intention and energy. Whether your crystal is actually placed in the water or is merely next to it, they will work together to create high vibrations that you’ll absorb with every sip.

The healing power of water

If you’ve studied the writings of Dr. Emoto regarding the structure of water, then you’re familiar with what water can do. Thanks to Dr. Emoto, we know that water reacts positively to our intention, thoughts, and words. Water can be cleaned through prayer, positive visualization, and intention. What this means is that water can effectively work with us and our crystals to create something hydrating and energetically replenishing – crystal-infused water.

How to program your water with crystals

There are many ways to program your water using crystals. There’s really no one right way, so be sure to go with whatever feels good to you. Always start with your intention. Whether you’re working on manifesting something in the here and now or have your eyes on the distant future, keep your intention in mind.

Next, you have to decide where you’ll place the crystal. If actually placing your amethyst in your water feels right to you, then go for it. Glacce Bottles is a brand born on Instagram and has beautiful glass bottles that feature your choice of an amethyst, smokey quartz, clear quartz, or rose quartz crystal that touches your water. They are securely attached to a stainless steel base that the bottle screws into.

If you’d rather keep your crystal out of your water and just next to it, do that.  VitaJuwel Gemwater Bottle ViA – WELLNESS is a brand that offers pitchers and bottles where the crystals don’t actually come into direct contact with your water but offer the same benefits. Be warned: their products are quite stylish and induce extreme excitement.

Choose your crystals wisely

Whether you invest in a water bottle that has a crystal base or component in it, be cognizant of the crystal you choose. If your intention is for healing, you really can’t go wrong, but sometimes your energy may not correspond with a certain crystal. If you’re one of the folks that prefers to put your crystal(s) directly in your water, you’ll need to make sure you don’t choose one that is toxic.

Here are some crystals that should NOT be placed in your drinking water:

  • Kunzite
  • Iolite
  • Fluorite
  • Sapphire
  • Sodalite
  • Moonstone
  • Black tourmaline
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Turquoise
  • Selenite

For a full list of crystals that become toxic when placed in water, see here.

Charge your crystals

When working with crystals, be sure to cleanse them and charge them on a regular basis. Take the time to clear them with white sage, your intention, and/or prayers. Afterward, charge them in the sunlight. Many people charge crystals in the moonlight, which is fine, but sunlight is more effective and will sustain them much longer. After all, you’re asking them to partner with you in your healing, so why not give them a break when they need it?