The Spiritual Abyss: What to do When You Encounter the Void

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Many lightworkers and spiritual seekers who are walking their paths come across something known as “the void” or the spiritual abyss. Everyone’s journey is different, so you may never encounter the void. Others run into it quite often before they emerge on the other side with a life-altering illumination.

Not sure if you’ve encountered the void? See if this rings a bell.

You wake up in the morning with no desire to start your day. You feel disconnected from the world, from coworkers, and even your friends. The thought of lying in bed all day and accomplishing nothing doesn’t bother you. In fact, it garners no emotional reaction from you at all but you somehow force yourself to get out of bed and get ready for work. While driving to work you encounter the same bridge you cross every day. You picture your car careening off the side and into the water and it doesn’t frighten you. It doesn’t make you feel guilty, sad, or startled. Nothing.

Did you ever see or read The Neverending Story? It’s essentially the same thing as The Nothing.

Now, we’re not describing depression or suicide, although sitting in the void may make you feel depressed for a little while. The void is quite different. It seems to show up when those of us who have been working to expand our consciousness need a break and we don’t realize it or when we’re on the verge of manifesting something groundbreaking.

Symptoms of sitting in the void

When you encounter the void, you’ll feel it. You’ll most likely struggle with boredom, physical and mental fatigue, inner restlessness, and the overwhelming lack of desire for anything. It is during these times that we realize how important it is to have something guiding us, something that urges us to move forward.

“Why am I here?”

When we make a pit stop and camp out in the void, we tend to struggle with this existential question, which is ironic because it is often this same question that propels many of us on our spiritual journeys. As we uncover different layers of ourselves and we find answers to this question, we try to move forward on our path. But there comes a point where we believe we’ve received the full answer and we step onto a spiritual plateau. If we’re not careful, we can easily slide into the spiritual abyss.

Though it can be difficult to determine when exactly this will happen, a visit to the void is often preceded by questioning or rejecting beliefs we’ve held for a long time.

Getting to the other side

The good news is that dips into the void don’t last forever and they do have their benefits. For many, a spiritual abyss is a precursor to expanded consciousness. Knowing this doesn’t make it easier to sit in the void since it feels like a place of emotional and spiritual emptiness. Once we emerge from the void, however, we are often met with significant life changes on spiritual, emotional, and physical levels. When these changes take effect, we find ourselves on the way to greater success in life.