Why You Shouldn’t Get Hung Up on Charging as an Energy Worker

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As energy healers and lightworkers, we’re natural empaths, which means we can sometimes feel guilty about charging for our healing services.

Taking care of others come naturally to us and sometimes that leads to neglecting ourselves if we’re not careful.

Here’s the thing, you shouldn’t feel guilty about charging for your services. Why? Because they’re valuable!

We all know the world needs this kind of work right now. You’re a spiritual powerhouse and you deserve to sustain yourself. You shouldn’t have to struggle to make ends meet simply because this kind of work is “new” to our modern world.

Here are some of the common issues energy workers across the globe are facing:

  • Under-valuing themselves
  • Under-charging for their work
  • Going above and beyond the call of duty
  • Burning the heck out

Your Business is Sacred

Your spiritual business doesn’t have to be icky like traditional businesses are. You can use heart-centered marketing tips to find the clients who need you AND you can charge what you deserve to make for your time and efforts.

Business can be conducted in a sacred, joyful, and conscious way. The best part is that the whole time you can still highly value what you do.

Addressing the “Gift” Misconception

It’s likely that once you start putting yourself out there, you’ll come across people who throw negative comments your way. There are some folks out there who are just angry at the notion that you can earn a healthy income as a healer. It’s not always clear why people have this misconception that because you have this gift you need to give it away for free because it’s not true. You should value your gift, and work on attracting clients who will value it too, but you should also know that it’s okay to earn money as a light worker. Our services are different than those offered by doctors, lawyers, and accountants, but they’re just as valuable.

Do What Resonates with You

The next step you’ll need to take is choosing your prices. Keep in mind that there’s no set charge for reiki sessions, shamanic healing, ThetaHealing, or yoga lessons. A common rate in the industry is $1 per minute. Don’t feel like you have to follow that rule. Allow yourself the room to discover what feels right to you. If you feel like that’s a perfect exchange for your time, then do it. If not, go with the amount that feels value-driven.

Make a Tithe

While you’re out there getting your hustle on, there may be limited time for volunteer work. To keep an even exchange of energy with the Universe, make a regular tithe. In your line of work, you’ll probably come across someone who could really use your services but just can’t pay you what it’s work. When this happens, consider reducing the price for your work or doing session for free. This could be done once a month, every quarter, or once a year. Know that this is your exchange with the Universe so the client doesn’t owe you any karmic debt.

Converse with the Universe

Keep your communication line with the Universe open. Just because you’re charging a certain rate now, it doesn’t mean you have to charge that rate for the rest of your life. As you acquire more years of experience, new certifications, or just plain get better, you may want to consider upping your fees. This can go the other way too. If you feel like you’re charging too much, lower them!

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