The Power of the Earthly Elements 

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We are living on a plant that is truly remarkable. It provides us with everything we need. From the air we breathe and the water we drink, to the fire that fuels our lives and the earth that helps us grow food, we are supported by our Mother Earth.

But the planet does more than provide for us. It uses the elements to teaches us. Each physical element has energetic properties that can help shape us into who we are and we can call upon them whenever we need help.

If you are feeling unbalanced in one area of your life, we recommend thinking about which Earthly element can help you. Learn more about each one below:

Fire – Transformation, Creation, and Destruction

We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t play with fire, but haven’t you ever wondered where the phrase comes from? It’s possible that the phrase didn’t originate from a mother warning her child but the message instead came from a Shaman who knows far too well the beauty and passion of the fire element.

Spiritually speaking, fire represents our passion, creativity, zeal, and motivation. In fact, when you need to get a move on, don’t you “put a fire under it” so to speak?

Fire has the power of will and determination. It fills us with inner light and represents the Divine fire that burns within every Soul. It is a source of powerful energy but if you let it get out of control it will burn (and you’ll burn out).

Astrologically speaking, the element of Fire comes out of Venus, the planet that represents our passions. Fire can be applied to anything that has to do with your personal power. As an active element, it represents bravery, drive, and new beginnings.

When you feel depleted and notice that passion is missing from your life, start to do something you once loved. Too many times we become some so busy in our daily routines that we forget to do what fills us up. Whether you’re passionate about serving others, painting, reading, or hiking, do it! You can also work with fire in the physical sense. Spend some time in front of a candle meditating as you watch the flame. If you have access to a fire pit, build a fire and spend some time in front of it. Let the heat wash over you and fill you up.

Water – Purification, Psychic Abilities, and the Subconscious

Water is a destructive force, there’s no doubt about that. It’s one of the easier elements to work with because we typically have easy access to it and can even ingest it.

As a crystal in liquid form (most of the time water is in its liquid form), water is a conveyor of energy, thus it carries our intentions. Humans are mostly water-based, which means we readily identify with the element of water.

If you’re struggling with developing your psychic abilities, or you feel as though there are fears and old energies hanging out in your subconscious, call upon water energy to heal it. Drink plenty of water with the intention that it is washing away energy that no longer serves you. Also spend some time soaking in the bathtub, swimming, or meditating by water. Let it cleanse you and move you in the direction you need to go.

Air – The Mind, New Life, and Communication

Of the Earthly Elements, air is the most Eastern one. Representing Om (the first breath of life), the winds that created the Universe, and the cry of a newborn child, air is a mobile element. Air is connected to the mind, the spirit, and the soul.

Traditionally, winds that arrive from the south or east represent good things. Many cultures believe that when the winds suddenly change direction, change will occur. In fact, the Native Americans always regarded the wind as helpers and harbingers of change.

Air can be highly destructive (think of tornadoes and storms), but it can also be gentle. Air energy may gently encourage you down a certain path and then completely throw you for a loop with a giant destructive curveball when you don’t follow your intuition. If you know your life path needs altering, or you’re not quite sure in what direction you should be floating, spend some time outside. Sit and listen to the wind as it blows through the trees. Meditate and see what comes up.

You can also participate in activities that encourage breathwork such as yoga, tai chi, running, singing, or playing wind instruments. Each of these will encourage air to flow through you, which can move old energies out.

Earth – Abundance, Nurturing, and Foundation

Often seen as a feminine energy for its abundance and nurturing ability, earth is our foundation, our base. It is grounding and strong and transforms everything with new life.

The Earth itself is a wonder and when you follow the grid that spans the entire globe (ley lines) you discover sacred spaces that are already standing at their junctures. Earth energy facilitates all manner of manifestation by putting down strong roots. It’s where our dreams grow into reality.

To connect with the earth element, spend time outdoors. Walk barefoot on the earth if the temperature is comfortable. Grounding yourself in our Mother will help you feel supported. If you’re looking to make big changes in your life, connect with the earth so you can build the foundation required to support those changes.

Do you like to garden? Working with the earth in your hands and caring for your plants is another excellent way to incorporate more earth energy into your life.