Pet Reiki: Energetic Healing for Cats and Dogs

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Animal ReikiJust like humans, animals have energy fields that benefit from holistic energy healing. Over the last decade, the use of animal Reiki has increased amongst animal rescues, behaviorists, pet owners, and veterinarians.

Originating out of Japan, Reiki is a practice based on spiritual energy. Those who practice it acknowledge that everything is made of universal life energy and therefore can receive energy from the Universal source. When life energy is high, you are balanced, relaxed, and healthy. When your life energy is low, you will be more affected by stress and vulnerable to illness. The same goes for your pets. During a treatment, Reiki energy is transmitted through the practitioner’s hands and into the recipient’s energy field and body.

Those who practitioner Reiki don’t typically refer to themselves as “healers” since the term has been crusted over with the ideal that a healer can automatically remedy whatever you’re suffering from. Instead, this holistic practice focuses on creating energetic space that facilitates the recipient’s self-healing. This makes it possible for people to practice Reiki on themselves.

Reiki for pets

Reiki is a great service for pets because it is gentle and noninvasive. The energy can’t harm the animal and requires no physical contact. Animal Reiki focuses on correcting any energetic imbalances in the animal’s body and can be done over a distance. Human sessions can last 60 to 90 minutes but since animals are more sensitive to energy, an idea session is typically 15 to 30 minutes.

Benefits of Reiki for cats and dogs

  • Strengthens the animal’s immune system before a cancer treatment
  • Boosts healing after surgery or illness
  • Enhances relaxation and reduces stress linked to behavioral problems
  • Relieves pain
  • Comforts terminally ill pets and their owners
  • Enhances the animal’s well-being
  • Supports pet-owner bond

Cats and dogs are highly receptive to Reiki energy. Some animals prefer Reiki to be done at a distance as opposed to having the practitioner’s hands on them. The frequency of the sessions will depend on the animal’s health and individual needs. Certain issues may be resolved in two to three sessions whereas others may require ongoing sessions. Regardless of the frequency, the practitioner should adapt the session to your pet’s individual needs.

Types of treatments

Reiki treatments can be done in-person or via distance. Should you know of a practitioner in your area, speak with him or her about the session ahead of time. Most animals are readily open to Reiki energy, so have the practitioner come to your home and do a hands-on treatment. If your pet prefers some extra space, have the practitioner do it from a distance or do a phone or video session. Each method can be highly effective.

Treat your pet yourself

If you are interested in giving your pet Reiki treatments yourself, you can learn how to work with Reiki energy. Reach out to your local holistic healing center and let them know you’re interested in taking a Reiki class. There are a lot of good online courses out there as well, but hands-on is a great way to start your practice.