Looking at the Past to Understand the Present

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Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life? If you’ve been feeling off lately or like you’re far from your usual self, you could be channeling the emotions and energy of someone you were long ago. If a certain emotion, interest, or skill is heightened right now that typically isn’t, you could be tapping into that old part of yourself, which could be a sign that something needs to be released.

What is a past life reading?

During a past life reading, the practitioner will conduct a reading with the intent of connecting with at least one of your past lives. To be more specific, the practitioner will connect to Spirit with the intention of discovering why certain emotions, thoughts, or situations are popping up in the client’s life now and which past life (or lives) those emotions, thoughts, and situations are connected to.

How are past life readings beneficial?

In short, we can heal ourselves when we discover past life information. If we know the past life events that trapped our emotions, then we are free to let those emotions go and move forward in our current life. It also gives us more insight into ourselves.

For example, with shamanism, we learn about something called the core wound. The core wound is essentially our deepest and darkest pain and to some, it is a false self. Everyone is different, but in some cases, the core wound travels with us from lifetime to lifetime. For instance, if you were abused in a past lifetime, you may experience trust or inadequacy issues in this one. Or if you were an orphan in a previous life, you may feel a sense of abandonment that leads to failed relationships in this lifetime.

We can get to know ourselves more fully, as well as our core wound, with past life information. This enlightenment can also assist us with avoiding the same patterns of unhealthy behavior, thinking, and relationships that we’re holding onto.

Letting it go

Many practitioners believe that when we are drawn to learning about a past life, it is time for an unresolved emotion or desire to be recognized and released. Because we can be influenced by negative habits from one life to the next, it’s important to develop new, healthier tendencies and create more positive ones in their place. Otherwise, we’ll end up following the same cycles over and over again whenever we come back to this plane. We have all done good and bad things in our past lives. Readings that dive into these waters can assist with the clearing process that needs to occur in order to raise our vibrations.

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