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​​​​​Our purpose is to help others connect to their higher selves, wake up from the programs they have inherited and live in their heart space, in order to heal humanity, from the inside out.

As we bring increased awareness to the programs that create the illusion of what we “should” do in life, we are capable of seeing infinite possibilities and experience new freedom.

The process of going deeper within is intense and takes a warrior’s heart to move through. ​​​​​​​

It is being at the point in your journey where you are tired of fighting the same battles over and over again.  Do you want to transcend the lesson and the teacher and live with the freedom that comes from being completely connected within?

Are you ready to take responsibility for everything in your life, the beautiful and the difficult?

Are you ready to release the programs that keep you from living a blissful heart centered life?

hNLP and hypnotherapy help to open the conscious mind and allow new awareness of the higher consciousness that exists beyond the programs.

It creates a seperation between what we have identified as reality and the awareness that we create our world so that we can begin to experience this truth without the mind halting the process before it even starts.

Once the programs of the mind are visible and upgraded, ancient spiritual technology allows for permanent shifts and healing on all dimensions.

Healing humanity does not happen outside of ourselves.  The entire spectrum of humanity flows through each of us and as we connect those parts within, we no longer resist any part of ourselevs and we help heal the collective.

When we live in connection to our higher selves, we have access to all of the resources we need.  We are connected to Oneness and the energy that flows through the entire Universe.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t still think and feel and react, but it means that we can see and experience the seperation between what we are as consciousness and the programs that we once lived by.

Christ-consciousness, unconditional love, surrender, acceptance, these are the essence of what will heal humanity.  We are all parts of a single consciousness, and as we each take responsibility for our own wounds and resistance and connect within, we contribute that connection to the collective, and that is how we heal the world.

How can I help you heal?


Certified OnenessNLP, hNLP and NLP practitioner Certified Hypnotherapist, certified Deeksha giver

How to get the most out of your experience

Clients should come prepared to quiet the mind go deep within themselves to connect and heal.

Other Interests / Talents

Love to connect with other like minded, conscious individuals who are here to create healing in the world for future generations.  And I love making consciousness infused jewelry and artwork.


  1. Jamy is AMAZING!

    I was intuitively guided to Jamy when I ran into a block that crept up from early adulthood….or at least that’s what I thought.

    Jamy worked with me, and within MINUTES, I was in a past life beginning to heal what was being relived in my current life.

    She is patient, gentle, and gets you to where you need to be SO FAST.

    I’m now able to say that no longer effects me, and I can move on and keep changing the world!

    Thank you, Jamy!

  2. My Tribe!

    As the universe knows Jamy came into my life when I was searching to “find myself again. ” I had gone through a life threatening illness and although my body had been “cleared” my mind and my soul was lost in the process. I couldn’t explain what was missing in words, I just knew I wasn’t the same person as I had been and I missed her.

    I have found my balance again, my interconnection and myself. What a powerful experience. It was meant to be. I look forward to continuing to grow with New Perspectives. It’s an environment where space is always held for me as I continue to grow and learn. I have found my tribe! I am grateful.

  3. Center of Excellence

    My appointment with Jamy was full of laughs, tears and enlightened connection. Such a smooth process. Many thanks!

  4. Beauty in Healing!

    I had a magical healing session with Jamy Schumacher! She was able to help me clear some things that were really hindering me from stepping forward. Her methods of helping you meet your feelings, see where they are stemming from, and lovingly guide you to change how they are affecting you … is phenomenal! A deep heart pain that had been building for over a year came forward to be examined. I felt so much freedom and peace after our session! Thank you Jamy for blessing me with this experience! I highly recommend her sessions!

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