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YOU ARE A CREATIVE POWERHOUSE. Writing is your passion. It lights you up and sets a fire in your heart. You are meant to share this gift with JOY.


  • Writer’s block?
  • Anxiety, self-doubt, and overwhelm?
  • Fear of rejection and failure?
  • Confused about publishing options?
  • Feeling like the words you write aren’t good enough?
  • Distraction and lack of clarity on what you should focus on?
  • Not knowing where to start?
  • Stressed about editing?
  • Feeling like your novels won’t make a difference in the world?
  • Worried you’re dreaming too big?

Don’t worry. I got you, girl.

I’m Tessonja Odette, a mindset coach for authors. I help creative women get unstuck from fear, writer’s block, anxiety, and self doubt so they can write their books with easy and joy.

As a writer of fantasy novels, artist of inappropriate greeting cards, and a musician, it’s safe to say I GET creative people.

I’m a little different. A little quirky. A little odd. But a whole lot passionate…just like YOU. And I want to see you succeed.

I know you have brilliant story ideas in your mind. There’s an urge to get them out on paper (or on the keyboard.)

Perhaps you’ve been working on writing something for ages, but you just keep stopping out of fear or writer’s block.

Perhaps you’ve finished your book but editing, pitching, publishing, and sharing your book is giving you anxiety.

Or maybe you haven’t even started yet, and just don’t know where to start (or if you even should.)

One thing is for certain: YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to write your book.

I’m here to help you do just that

I can help you…

  • conquer the anxiety, fear, self-doubt, and overwhelm that hold you back.
  • Release writer’s block and limiting beliefs.
  • Learn how to deal with rejection and criticism.
  • Edit your writing without anxiety.
  • Gain clarity in your goals and desires.
  • Align spiritually and emotionally with your writing, no matter the genre.
  • Protect your energy during the writing process.
  • Dream bigger than you ever imagined and BELIEVE in your own power.



The key isn’t to try harder, strive more, work your craft until you’re pink in the face, or drink yourself into an early grave like all the other famous artists did.

The key is to build a foundation of universal alignment and release the blocks that hold you back.

Together, we will build this foundation through…


  • Discovering and releasing limitations and blocks.
  • Letting go of your old life story and the things that hold you back.
  • Creating a new life story where you are the best version of you NOW.
  • Finding a sense of purpose in your writing, regardless of genre.
  • Raising your vibration and feeling good NOW.
  • Creating confidence, clarity, and faith in your writing.
  • Learning tools to conquer anxiety and overwhelm.


  • Establishing a strong foundation to build your writing journey on.
  • Visualizing and creating success in a way that is meaningful for you.
  • Connecting to divine guidance within the writing process.
  • Balancing feminine and masculine energies for powerful results.
  • Creating spiritual routines for deeper connection to your craft.


  • Creating goals that feel possible, enjoyable, and get you where you want to be.
  • Taking consistent action in a way that feels easy.
  • Figuring out what to focus on.
  • Managing time and priorities.
  • Knowing the difference between creative productivity and “shiny objects.”
  • Balancing parenting and other special priorities.

Do you feel like I’m speaking directly to your soul? Then I am! You found me for a reason. It’s time to let you, your light, and your writing shine!


Here’s how we can work together:

Book a free discovery call, a one hour breakthrough call, or a Distance Reiki session to get started! Read more about me at my website: www.tessonjaodette.com

I also have some awesome free resources to get you unstuck, get inspired, and get writing TODAY. Click the links below:

I seriously cannot wait to help you unleash your creative badassery. Remember, the world needs you and your story. But most importantly, YOU need you. YOU deserve to do what brings you joy.
I believe in you.

Love, light, and all the magic,

Tessonja Odette


I am a certified Life Story and Goal Success Coach. I am also a Level 2 Usui Reiki practitioner, and a member of the International Reiki Organization. I have been trained in Psychic Development and use my intuitive guidance with my clients when appropriate. However, I like to guide my clients to tap into their OWN inner guidance throughout our time together.

How to get the most out of your experience

For best results, make sure you schedule our call when you can be undisturbed. But, seriously, I'm a mom so I know that isn't always possible! Just be sure you can get the most out of our time together. If you are feeling anxious at the beginning of our call, let me know and I can guide you through a grounding meditation.

Other Interests / Talents

I'm a published author of YA fantasy. I also live a creative life as a musician, artist , and creator of Pessimistic Hearts, my humorously inappropriate greeting cards. Best of all, I'm a mommy to an adorable daughter and a jindo dog.

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Hello creative badasses! I'm Tessonja Odette, a fantasy author, mindset coach, and Reiki practitioner. I'm on a mission to shine a light in all the dark corners of creativity. I know how daunting the creative process can be. That's why I combine a mixture of spirituality, mindset work, reiki, AND practical strategy to help you make your dreams of being a writer come true. I offer 1:1 coaching packages, one time breakthrough calls, and distance Reiki sessions. Visit my website www.tessonjaodette.com to learn more.

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