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I am an Evolutionary Astrologer Coach who gets messages from and communicates to the universe!  Evolutionary astrology’s focus is to find your soul’s mission and help you evolve.  I then work with you to teach and meld that into your life.  For 20+ years I have been studying my love, astrology.  My focus is people exploring astrology, their spirituality, or are lightworkers.  My mission is to support and guide you in your journey!

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How to get the most out of your experience

Personal Horoscopes and Forecasts In order that the astrology chart reading is portraying you it is important to get the exact time you were born.  Many times people have contacted their mothers or taken the time out of a baby book only to find that their birth certificate recorded another time instead.  It is imperative that we are reading YOUR chart.  Please get a copy of your birth certificate if you can.  Once you have that you will need to email me the date, time and place (city and state for U.S. births) you were born.  I then cast your chart and email it to you to proof.  I spend at least an hour studying your chart and writing up notes.  At the time of our appointment we can either meet in person, over Skype, or by phone.  If we are not able to meet in person I will send you the write-up prior to the appointment or give it to you in person.  We then spend usually a little more than an hour working together.  Most people see me yearly or more often depending on their needs. Tutoring The learning style is interactive and fun!  If you would like to work with me one-on-one to learn astrology and how to read a chart I will send you an email with the materials chapter by chapter.  Their are many different ways to learn a new language and the I try to incorporate as many as possible into each step.  You might be cutting something out and constructing a picture, coloring in sections, or writing concepts out.

Other Interests / Talents

Clairsentient/Claircognizant  A clairsentient is someone who receives messages from the universe via their feelings.  A claircognizant is someone who just all of the sudden knows something.  I am both of these.  I have been receiving messages, although I didn't know it for awhile, from the universe.  I am usually contacted with a message or "struck" with a communication for someone. Art Lover I have been also working in the visual arts field for over 20 years. French Speaker & Traveler My major in college was French, I lived in France, and have traveled, not as extensively as I want to.  I have visited Mexico Reader I have over 200 books and am working on constantly giving many away to charity organizations so I can make room for more!

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  1. Amazing reading!

    I had an amazing experience with Amy and Emerald City Astrology! Amy did a birth chart reading for me that was spot-on! She knew very little about me before my reading, yet she was able to pinpoint lifelong issues and lessons in my birth chart that she couldn’t have possibly known about. Her knowledge of astrology and the planets is amazing and I feel so blessed to receive the confirmation of so many things from her!

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Our Offerings:

Personal Horoscopes & Forecasts My rates are negotiable for low income, adults with disabilities, and students. Natal or Birth Horoscope:  $90 Relationship Horoscope:  $120 Growth Horoscope:  $100 Monthly (Lunar Return) Horoscope:  $90 Yearly (Solar Return) Horoscope: $270 for a 7-8 page monthly review Tutoring Tutoring:  learn how to read an astrology chart and then let's work on how to interpret them in a 10-chapter course!  $40/hour (Virtual or by Phone)  $60/hour (In Person) Astrology Parties! Throw an Astrology Party! $100/hour — minimum 2 hours Special Events, $125/hour — minimum 2 hours Corporate Events, $150/hour  — minimum 2 hours Psychic Oracle Deck Card Readings Psychic Oracle Reading: $20 for 15 minute reading  

Upcoming Events

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Seattle Resident Meetup NORWAC, NW Astrology Conference

Would any Seattle-area folks be interested in meeting up an hour prior to the start time of the Northwest Astrology Conference to get to know each another?

The meetup would be at noon in the bar area of the hotel with lunch and the opening ceremony to follow at 1 p.m. down the hall.
The Northwest Astrology Conference is only $215 without meals for all 3 days, a superb deal, if you sign up before 12/1/17. After 12/1/17 you can sign up for $250 without meals until 2/22/18. Although, I suggest getting the meals as it’s a great way to meet other attendees.

If enough people are interested then I’ll be in the bar holding a little “Emerald City Astrology” sign. I hope to see you there!