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I’m living my soul’s mission and work as a psychic evolutionary astrologer and soul retrieval practitioner.

What could that all mean?

My journey stated in 1991 in college when my friend, Susan, showed me the book Sun Signs by Linda Goodman.  When I read it, the world stopped, and then it restarted.  This book was a portal that opened up a new language, and being  French major I liked languages, and the beginning of to journey of seeing the world in a somewhat explainable way.  Little did I know that the study of astrology would lead to my finding a spiritual path with the universe.

I had always been gifted in my studies.  I worked hard and could often see the results of problems so many steps away, and the weird thing was the same thing happened with people.  I realized now it is just how my brain works.

From a young age, I also just felt like something was going to happen or just knew something would happen.  I wasn’t always right, but most of the time I was.  I didn’t know until later in my life that this corresponding to being a clairsentient, someone who can see something by feeling it, and a claircognizant, someone who can see something by knowing it.  I’m not a clairvoyant.  I don’t see things happening, rather I get messages, sometimes they make me flush and the energy coursing through my body is intense.  Other times, it’s a more gentle energy of me just knowing something.

I’ve been studying astrology since then but it wasn’t until 2016 that I discovered evolutionary astrology.  Once again, something opened up for me and it was in that moment I realized that was what I was supposed to do.   Evolutionary Astrology is the study of the birth chart as a map of your soul’s evolution.  Why did you incarnate here on earth?  What are your soul’s missions?

As I began to do more work with some amazing women, and a few men, I started to realize I was getting messages either when I studying and interpreting their chart, but also during the readings.

Then, the most amazing thing happened.  I took a course where someone did soul retrieval work  I wasn’t familiar with it, but was open to what could happen.  The theory behind is that when you experience pain a part of your soul gets chipped off during that experience so you can survive.  Maybe this happens every time, but the object is to find clear painful childhood memories, go back and find that part of your soul there, and reattach it to yourself.

How to get the most out of your experience

Let’s Collaborate on an Astrology Reading! 1.  Email emeraldcityastrology@gmail.com to set-up a day and time. 2.  Please get a copy of your birth certificate if you are able.  If the time is off by a minute it can change the placement of the moon or your ascendant. 3.  Please provide the date, time, and place (city and state for U.S. births) you were born.   Your birth information and our readings are confidential. 4.  You will receive an email copy of your chart to proof. 5.  The suggested rates are listed below.  You are welcome to pay what is comfortable for you within the range. 6.  Please send your payment through this PayPal at www.paypal.me/EmeraldCityAstrology.  Payment is due at least 24 hours prior to our meeting. 7.  We meet in-person, over Zoom,  Skype, or by phone, and I will provide you with a 1-2 page overview of key components in your chart. 8 . The fun part!  We then spend usually an hour working together.  

Other Interests / Talents

Clairsentient/Claircognizant  A clairsentient is someone who receives messages from the universe via their feelings.  A claircognizant is someone who just all of the sudden knows something.  I am both of these.  I have been receiving messages, although I didn't know it for awhile, from the universe.  I am usually contacted with a message or "struck" with a communication for someone. Art Lover I have been also working in the visual arts field for over 20 years. French Speaker & Traveler My major in college was French, I lived in France, and have traveled, not as extensively as I want to.  I have visited Mexico Reader I have over 200 books and am working on constantly giving many away to charity organizations so I can make room for more!

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  1. Amazing reading!

    I had an amazing experience with Amy and Emerald City Astrology! Amy did a birth chart reading for me that was spot-on! She knew very little about me before my reading, yet she was able to pinpoint lifelong issues and lessons in my birth chart that she couldn’t have possibly known about. Her knowledge of astrology and the planets is amazing and I feel so blessed to receive the confirmation of so many things from her!

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