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My Journey Began Way Back In India, In 2013.. I Honestly, Do Not Remember The Year Of Passing, But The Time My Grandma Passed Away, That Was My Turning Point. My Family, Me And The Doctor, Saw Her Taking Her Last Breath. She Passed Away Right In Front Of Me, Leaving Me Completely Hypnotized At What Just Happened. The Moment, When I Understood Life Is Short And We Are Wasting Our Time On Regrets, Fights, And Not Focusing On The Journey And Light, And The Loving Relationships Around Us.

I Did Not Cry, But I Remember Sitting At The Staircase, Just Rewinding The Entire Scene At “What Just Happened?”

I Could See The Pain In My Parents Eyes, My Father Did Not Say A Word, But Somewhere In That Silence, All Of Us, My Parents And Me Knew, Life Is Short….

….Whether We Admit It Today Or Not, But In Our Hearts, This Incident Will Always Haunt Us, To Remind Us That We Have A Bigger Purpose In Life, Realize It Or Not, And That Path Needs To Be Taken…

I Never Understood My Grandma Was With Me, But My Soul Searching Began.. Initially, I Was Drawn To Reiki And Card Reading, But Within My Heart There Was Something Missing, Something That Was Not Complete. I Did Not Feel Connected, As If There Was Something More To What I Was Doing In India.

For Some Time, I Stopped Reading And Doing Any Healings As I Felt Empty, It Just Didn’t Feel Right.


I Got The Opportunity To Move To USA, And The Minute I Landed On This Land Of Abundance I Was Automatically Introduced To The Connection Which Instantly Sparked The Light Within My Heart. Something Drastically Moved, And I Was Bought To My Soul Searching Path Again. Someone Close To Me, Who Is Like One Of My Soul Mother Today, Did A Reading For Me, And She Said, “Your Grandmother Is Your Spirit Guide”. That’s It! That’s Where My True Journey Began And Within A Couple Of Months I Gave Birth To My Baby, Ruchi: The Spiritual Catalyst Initially Which Carried The Name Wings Of Divine Healing For 5 Months.
I Call It My Baby, Because It Is A Part Of Me, But It Is Truly To Come Out In The World And Serve Others.

Today, I Am Best Friends With The Highest Version Of Me, Working Constantly To Touch People’s Lives, To Remind Them The Inner Wisdom And Power They Hold, The Healer That Is Hidden In Them, And To Also Remind Them To Start Their Inner Journey In Order To Touch The Lives Of The People Who Are Waiting For Them…
It Took Me Years To Realize My Life Purpose, I Started My Journey In 2013, But I Finally Realized What I Wanted To Do In 2017..

In 2017, I Met My Amazing Fiance Who Turned Out To Be Way More Knowledgeable About This Path And Showed Me The Inner Light That Like All Of Us Carry Within And Showed Was Like A Mirror To My Soul. Since Then, There Was No Going Back. I Know Deep Down, My Grandmother Made Me Meet My Fiance, And Since Day One Me And My Fiance Know That We Have A Past Life Connection…

Along The Path, I Have Met Beautiful Mentors Such As Kali Meister (Soul Mom), Charity Allen Surrette (Soul Mom 2 Lol), Martha E Krejci (Soul Grandma) And Many Other People Who Are Like My Soul Family.

When You Believe In Yourself, You Will Meet People Who Have The Magnified Version Of Belief In You.

Start Your Journey Now….

Every Step Is A Learning Phase, So Don’t Waste Anymore Time And Just Click On The Link To Get You And Me Started To Prepare You For To Be Introduced To The Highest Version Of You.


Certified Angel Card Reader Certified Reiki Healer/Master

How to get the most out of your experience

The Guides Always Say That You Will Guided To The Right Places At The Divine Timing.  FINALLY! You Made It Here, And I Am So Proud Of You. Archangel Raphael And Archangel Michael Stepped In To Say, "Have Courage And Confidence Not Only In Yourself Even In Your Dreams. No Promises Made, That You Will Not Face Obstacles, You Will Face Them On Your Beautiful Journey, What Matters Is Acknowledge Yourself For The Journey You Made So Far And Keep Walking On The Path, The Inner Work Is Always An Ongoing Journey, And You Are Doing A Great Job. Be Consistent And Persistent On Your Path, And Abundance Which Is Everyone's Right Is Truly Yours In Different Ways."   If you are ready for the Transformation, If you are ready to Commit To Yourself, You know what to do :)


  1. Ruchi is THE best!

    Let me start by saying that Ruchi is a GEM!
    She is always extremely accurate, and brings to her service such a longing, kind, and compassionate energy, you just want to bottle her into an essence.

    I have had both a card reading and a pet energy healing with Ruchi, and in both she was so accurate and pinpointed exactly what energies needed to be shifted and healed.

    Thanks so much Ruchi!

  2. Ruchi is now my dog's best friend!

    I treated my precious puppy, Missy, to a reiki session with Ruchi. I had no idea what to expect but I was more than pleasantly surprised by her intuitive knowledge and loving energy she shared with Missy and I during the session. I highly recommend her animal reiki healing services!

  3. I received a amazing reading from Ruchi. It confirmed where I am at presently, what I am currently doing and experiencing now. She also offered support and advise going forth. Ruchi also picked up on a past life and a dream (symbol) that I’ve had. Thank you, you are truly amazing and I highly recommend a reading from her.

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