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Subconscious belief system shifting to deeply heal your soul.

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Hi I’m Chloe!

I am a certified Advanced ThetaHealer®️ with a background in chemical dependency counseling.

In my belief work practice, I gently help my clients shift their subconscious belief systems in a BIG way.

After working with me, my clients express that their life is never the same.

I have the ability to channel Source, your higher self and guides to help you become aware of your life lessons, the limiting beliefs that are in place for such learning and then guide the shifting of the belief system to a profound new positive belief system that enables you to attract the life you are meant to live.

This work is perfect for those who struggle with:

-The viscous cycle of addiction

-Low self worth and love

-Those who have experience emotional or physical trauma

-Those who suffer from physical ailment, allergies or disease of the mind, body and/or spirit

-Those wanting more definite purpose and success in life

and basically anyone who has beliefs that stand in the way of them creating the life they never even knew was possible for them.

My work often includes:

-Muscle testing

-Womb healing

-Inner child healing

-DNA Activation

-Chakra alignment

-Energy Clearing/Healing

-Soul Healing

-Energetic Cellular rejuvination

-Past life healing

-Ancestral Healing

-History Healing

…and so much more!

I don’t belief anything happens by mistake, you landed on me for some reason, and I am so honored and excited to connect!




Beginners DNA and Advanced DNA ThetaHealing®️

How to get the most out of your experience

Think about what you would like to work on (I have a worksheet to fill out when you schedule your appointment) and come open minded 💕

Other Interests / Talents

-Essential Oils -Crystals -Astrology -Angels -Health and Nutrition -Painting -Children -Meditation -Gratitude -Manifesting


  1. A healthy recovery

    I met with Chloe just before having open heart surgery earlier this month to address some subconscious fears that hat were manifesting into anxiety prior to the surgery- Chloe was able to guide my subconscious and support me to release the fearful beliefs about myself a day before surgery- though still early in my body’s recovery- I know that it had gone smoothly and my body is strong as a result of going into the surgery feeling confident and calm. I’m grateful to the support and gifts Chloe offers and will be booking my next session to support recovery and beyond. We are all facing our own struggles, but we needn’t do it alone. Thanks Chloe ❤️🙏✨

  2. Chloe is amazing!

    When I worked with Chloe, she instantly made me feel confortable. She was so easy to talk to. I didn’t have any expectations going in, I was completely open minded about it. What we worked on I would have never thought was necessary but, it has changed my belief system. It has helped me set up healthy boundaries with loved ones, so that we can have healthy relationships.

  3. so genuine and compassionate

    I’ve had two sessions with Chloe so far and they were both amazing! She is so easy to open up to and I was truly in awe of how easily childhood memories popped up and I could see where my limiting beliefs had come from. I had a few beliefs that were really tormenting me for such a long time that Chloe helped clear. They are gone, and I have so much peace and a new perspective. I have been noticing positive changes in myself that seemed to happen so naturally after our session, I am still really just marveling at it all.

    If you feel drawn to Chloe I would say go ahead and schedule a session with her because she is beautiful to work with and you will see beautiful changes in your life too!! I just love her.

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1 hour -$122 1.5 hours - $177 Sessions are available in person, over the phone, Skype or Zoom. (I also have packages at a discounted rate located on my scheduling website)

Our Hours:

Monday-Friday 9-5 pm PST (weekend/evenings available upon request)

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