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You. Are. Worthy.

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I Have Been Working As A Professional Psychic Since 2006. Every Reading I Do Is Different. It Really Depends On Whom I Am Reading For As To What “Tools” I Use, If Any. I Have Been Known To Use Mainly Oracle Cards To Do Readings, But I Also Use Tarot Cards And Numerology. Sometimes I Use Nothing At All And I Will Just Channel Information To You About Your Situation Directly From Source.

The Majority Of What I Do During A Reading Would Be Considered “Claircognizance”, Or “Clear Knowing.” What Can I Say? I Just “Know” Things About You And Your Life Path And Whatever That Information Is, It’s Usually The First Thing I Will Share.

I Will Also Connect To Both Of Our Spirit “Teams” And Channel Information From Them Directly To You. This Is Usually A Mix Of Information Coming From Your Higher Self To Me Or From Your Spirit Team To My Spirit Team.  I Also Receive Messages From Loved Ones That Have Crossed Over On Occasion, But It’s Something I Cannot Promise Will Happen Every Time.  They Tend To Just “Pop” Up Without Warning.

I See Colors, Aurus And What Your Special Talents And Abilities Are. Whatever Is Special About You, I Can “See” It And That’s What Makes Getting A Reading From Me Unique. I Truly Believe That You. Are. Worthy. And I Can Help You Change Your Path If You So Desire.

I Am Also An Energy Healer. I Am A Certified Reiki Master And I’ve Worked For Years With Spiritual Response Therapy. If You Are Having A Physical Issue With Pain Or Emotional Blockages. I Can Help! I Can Also Suggest Alternative Therapies To Help With Your Energy Levels. Send Me An Email At Youareworthy@Lisacollings.Net If You Have Any Further Questions About What I Do Or How I Work. Thank-You! ~ Lisa



Certified Reiki Master Certified in Spiritual Response Therapy

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