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Ascended earth master (Service to Source)

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Ascended earth master.

Service to Source.

Following the Divine Timing of the Universe.

Everyone meets at a certain time and space on the path to self discovery.

Become Limitless and Multidimensional.

Unlock everything.


Ascended Earth Master Multidimensional Being Spiritual Authority's Hands of Bliss

How to get the most out of your experience

Openness, Sharing, Transparency, Sharing of Space and Energy.

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    New Orleans LA US
  • phone 9546967537

Our Offerings:

Short Itroductory Session: Free Conversation with Mr Aaron and spiritual cleansings/healing. Amazing session - - -  30$ for 30min or 60$ for 60min. Basics of Centering and Grounding Energetic Cleansing, Clearing and Rebalancing Master Level Healing of Various Modalities. Spiritual Life Coaching and Discovery Sharing of Spiritual Knowledge and Information Expansion of Love, Light, And Hope.   Ascension Workshop--Focuses on! 85$ for 60 minutes. Become Limitless and Multidimensional Collective consciousness Unity Consciousness Higher Consciousness Spiritual Archetypes/Goddess/Divine Sacred Masculine/Connecting to Spirit/Channeling Spirit. Spiritual Sovernity DNA Activations Spiritual Key Codes/Downloads and Master Keys (Adv) Spiritual Life Coaching Learning Spiritual Terms/Knowledge/Spiritual Keywords/Codes/and downloads Ask up to 3 questions that Mr Aaron will try to answer for you.   Heartspace Workshop - - - Focuses On $75 for 60 minutes. Emotional Release Work/Master Level Healing/Inner Work Opening your Heartspace/Gates (Adv) Soul Healings and Inner Child Reconnecting/Awareness Complete Chakra Rebalancing/Alignment/Healing Heart Chakra Expansion/Opening Expansion of Inner Light, Love, Foundation, Self Work, Conviction, Steadfastness, and Spiritual Re-Structuring.   Master Level Workshop for Serious Practitioners----Focuses On. Requires 1-3 sessions of Ascension Workshop and 1-2 sessions of Heartspace Workshop. ***Must be Authorized by Source. *** 120$ for 60 minutes. Spiritual Sovernity (Adv) Spiritual Inheritance Spiritual Dominion Gods and Goddess Assessment. Expansion of Spiritual Fire, Inner Light, Divine Spark Spiritual Houses and Authorities Mastering Spiritual Archetypes and Christ Consciousness. Master Level Spiritual Evolutionary Work and Upgrades. Manifesting for spiritual master in the flesh. Mastering the flesh, carnal mind/desires/sensations Spiritual Temple And Lands Reclaiming your Divine Birthright Spiritual Politics Secrets of the Multiverse/Source.   Massage Studio Incall Rates. Hands of Bliss Massage $125 for 60 minutes. $200 for 90 minutes. 150$ for outcall for 60 minutes. 225$ for outcall for 90 minutes. Experience the Hands of Bliss.

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