Teaching how to build the light body and enter higher dimensions

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This soul is embodying the higher self in the here and now. I’ve seen some of the highest dimensions and can help others reach enlightenment and expansion of conciousness into the light of eternity.


I am all self taught and have no formal earthly certification. I'm a Lyron starseed of the Paschet people and am their ambassador. I have seen the higher dimensions and I know the steps needed to get their. I typically connect up to 12 dimensions. I'm telepathic with many other very advanced psychic abilities. My dimensional vision is accelerating.

How to get the most out of your experience

Only bring yourself and an eagerness to learn. Humility helps to speed up the process.

Other Interests / Talents

I'm a shopping expert and can help people make the best buying decisions on any product that benefits them and the planet. Such as a vehicle purchase or energetic jewelry.

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Our Offerings:

I offer timeline modifications, truth and understanding, light body building, blockage removal, higher self connection, angelic healing, geometric healing, DNA activation, third eye opening, growing psychic abilities, physical, mental, and spiritual healing. I offer for God to work through you as co-creators in the here and now.

Our Hours:

Free time changes often so please inquire and set an appointment.

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