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Dedicated to Nurses.   I provide Energy Intuitive Sessions for inner healing restoring peace and harmony within your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical bodies.  You will feel lighter. relaxed and serene after a treatment.  This complements anything else you may be utilizing in your medical regimen!  This forum offers a wonderful opportunity for releasing emotions that keeps one feeling heavy and stuck.  You will receive the love from God. !  I channel any Divine messages and everything is on Divine Timing.   Reiki was the forum that assisted my transformation back to balance and it will work for you!  Return to a life of VITALITY!   Nurses do more than Survive, THRIVE!


Karuna Reiki Master Holy Fire II Master

How to get the most out of your experience

You need to be well hydrated with water.  Come with an open mind ready to receive this wonderful healing experience all powered by God!

Other Interests / Talents

Love to be in Mother Nature and spend time with Family.

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Our Offerings:

Serenity Retreat is a 2-day Spiritual detox.  These are reserved for small groups of individuals ready to jump-start their spiritual healing!  We go deep to remove your fears/illusions and self- false limiting beliefs that keep us stuck.  You will experience guided meditations to connect you to Spiritual Realm/Divine.  I guide and walk you through the steps you will be amazed just how easy you can heal from unprocessed life events, emotions and anxieties we keep in our bodies on a cellular level.  This is all guided by the Arch Angels Michael, Raphael and Others, Ascended Masters and the Seven Sacred Flames, Mary, Jesus, and Lady Nada.  You will be amazed how good you will feel and return to SERENITY plus you learn and take home tools to continue healing and letting go!  Healing is a process.  I also offer a Serenity Mentorship program to individuals who are ready to align with their Soul Purpose! I teach Holy Fire Karuna and Holy Fire II Reiki & Master levels I also provide 3rd Eye Activations from the Cosmic Christ I also provide small groups for the Ascension Ceremony with St. Germain-this transmutes and transforms resulting in elevating your vibration permanently on the spot. I include both 3rd Eye Activation and St. Germain Ceremony in all of my Retreats or Reiki Classes.

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Hours are available to meet your needs.

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