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My purpose is to help people by teaching, energetically healing and balancing them. I have done independent research for 10 years now on several topics like the chakras, hidden science, parapsychology, metaphysics, sociology, psychology, energy medicine, biology, neurophysiology, ancient cultures, technology, and more. I have a wealth of knowledge, practices, and abilities to assist in self healing and mastery. My goal is to further my charity of spiritual healing by giving back to humanity through my other charities and businesses part of your donations go towards furthering my other philanthropy and business endeavors like my family summer camp that helps families be healthier and happier parts of society and my charity clothing line that helps clothe the less fortunate. Portions go into savings for my bigger business goals that deal in technological advancements to help heal and balance humanity and the planet as a whole. Thank you for your interest in Spirituality 1111 and any and all contributions.

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