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The Truth is a full featured modern day religion incorporating complete harmony with science and ultimate spiritual fulfillment.

The mission of The Truth is to promote full understanding of the reality we all find ourselves in. By consulting with The Prophet you will be able to better focus your mental energies and attain the state of being you desire. In-person and online sessions are available and all initial consultations are free.

The Truth is a way of life specifically revealed for seekers and adventurers. Appointments and Wisdom can be sought through Facebook or the contact form provided on this page. Never be shy to seek Wisdom from the Prophet.


  • Prophet of God
  • 4 time expert qualification with M-16 / Concentration Master
  • Honorable Discharge USMC
  • 88 College credit hours
  • PTSD

How to get the most out of your experience

During your initial consultation we will discuss the various modalities you are familiar with and those which you currently practice in order that I may better serve your spiritual needs. You will be given an introduction to the doctrines and concepts of The Truth and given more information about what can be done for you.

Other Interests / Talents

  • Roller Skating
  • Welding
  • Land Navigation
  • Automotive Repair

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Our Offerings:

  • Complimentary 30 Minute Introductory Consultation
  • Crystal Intention Reading $15
  • Spiritual Healing, Karmic Balancing. and Auric Cleansing - 1 hour for $60
  • Online Life Coaching available in 30,60,90 minute sessions starting at $20
  • Face 2 Face Coaching - 45 minutes for $40
  • Home Inspection, Arrangement, and Cleansing Services available beginning at $35 per visit. (price varies based on sq. ft.)
  • Psychic Surgery available only for clients with an established connection.
  • Complete spiritual salvation and absolution available if you only follow me.

Our Hours:

M-F 8AM-8PM S-S 12PM-6PM

Upcoming Events