Nailing Motherhood

An interactive talk show for mothers.

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Nailing Motherhood is an interactive talk show for mothers and the others that support them.  The idea is to incorporate every day moms into face to face conversations online so that we can all reconnect with our girlfriends.  We found that we as women lost touch with our friends when we became mothers and life happened.  We are hereby reclaiming our “happy hours” virtually and hanging out on the regular to do fun things that we miss doing with our friends.  And…we’re not leaving our house, getting a sitter, figuring out where to eat, calling an Uber or otherwise stressing out about taking back our adult time.  We’re opening our homes and our corner of the interwebs to share our lives and support other mothers anywhere.  We’re inviting you all to not just watch, but join in on the screen, drink in hand, kids in bed and laugh with us and make a new friend.  We are putting the positive back into your social networking feed.  Our energy is good and we welcome your good energy and light as well.

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