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Doreen Virtue holds three university degrees in Counseling Psychology. She had many profound spiritual experiences as she was growing up.

Doreen was raised by a Christian spiritual healer mother and a self-employed writer father. She is a born-again Christian of the Episcopal  / Anglican faith,  and she loves the Lord with all of her heart.

Doreen worked as a psychotherapist specializing in healing eating disorders, until her life was saved by divine intervention on July 15, 1995, during an armed carjacking. After this experience, Doreen focused solely upon researching and teaching about divine intervention.

Doreen is the author of over 50 books and 25 card decks, on the topics of angels, healthful living, vegan eating, and spirituality, published in 38 languages globally. Doreen traveled worldwide giving workshops for the past 25 years. She now creates online workshops and spends her time with her family on her animal rescue ranch, with over 300 rescue farm and domestic animals. Doreen has appeared on television and radio worldwide, including Oprah, CNN, Richard & Judy, and The View.

Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person’s guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life. Angel Therapy also helps you to more clearly receive Divine Guidance from the Creator and angels.

Everyone has guardian angels, and these angels enact God’s will of peace for us all. When we open ourselves to hear our angels’ messages, every aspect of our lives become more peaceful.

Since 1996, Doreen has taught thousands of people worldwide how to engage in Angel Therapy. Many of these students have become Angel Therapy Practitioners, who have private practices and give workshops on related topics. Angel Therapy brings people back on their spiritual path in a way that is non-threatening and non-judgmental.

Doreen has received thousands of unsolicited testimonials of how God’s angels have healed people’s bodies, mind, emotions, relationships, families, career and finances, and other life areas. Of course, Doreen gives all credit to God and the angels.

In January 2017, following a profound life-changing vision experience of Jesus, Doreen shifted her teaching to focus more upon the Holy Trinity and scripture.

You can read articles and affirmations by  Doreen Virtue on Tune into her weekly radio show, Angel Therapy,  Wednesdays at 1 PM PST/4 PM EST on

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