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Walter Lübeck is German, born in February 1960.


He travels the world since the beginning of the 90s, teaching classes about Rainbow Reiki, Aura-/Chakra Reading, Rainbow Channeling, White Feather Shamanism, Spiritual NLP, Three-Rays-Meditation, Meeting the Angels, Crystal Healing, Astral Travelling, and much more.  He has written more than 20 books which are officially translated into more than 20 languages.


In his teaching videos, distributed through his own portal, he covers a wide range of spiritual philosophy and healing arts.
Dr. Ignat Ignatov (Bulgaria) who does research about psychics and spiritual healers since 20 years considers Walter psychic and spiritual healing powers as being phenomenal after testing him for several days. Details of  the scientific research of Walters spiritual powers are here:

Being a true Shaman, he follows the path of the Great Goddess, performs music (as a recording artist), poems and celebrates a variety of rituals to heal the people and the earth.

He appears often in TV and Radio shows in several countries and has written more than 200 articles about spiritual healing, herbalism, shamanism, Reiki and other spiritual arts.


Walter had his first contact with an angel very early in life – at two and a half years. Since this time he knew that there is so much more around then we learn in school.
Remembering former lives as a spiritual teacher and healer, he draws on the deep wisdom and spiritual experience gathered over hundreds of lifetimes.

Walter is married, father of a son and lives in the north of Germany close to the famous spiritual power spot Externsteine.

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