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The Dream Shaman helps you to make your dreams come true by using his tools to raise your vibration.

You can also learn very powerful healing methods in the Arcturian Sound Healing Academy.


Also offers:

Guidance For Your Twin Flame Journey

  • Raise Your Vibration
  • Release Limitations
  • Be Crystal Clear About Who You Are
  • Live Your Life Purpose
  • Transform Loneliness Into Divine Love Within
  • Connect With Your Twin Flame


*Reiki Master* *Fairyologist* *Realm Reader* *Archangel Life Coach* *Spiritual Healer* *Relaxation Therapist* *Wellness Massage*


  1. MUST MUST MUST Opt for Shamanic Healing Session

    Andre and I had a Shamanic Healing session and I am still in Trance. In between I slept like a baby and there was so much energy. The things he told me after the session, I am blown away with whatever he read for me. He even confirmed so many things that my guides and I are working over with. His accuracy and his description over the session it was so Magical. I can still feel the energy flow, and he has even told me exactly on what I need to work upon. It’s worth taking the session from him �
    If you need to know where you are and what you need to do, and how to do it this is your guy. Andre is honest and will tell you exactly what you need to know. Thank you for the session and the energy flow. I feel so Peaceful �

  2. Finest Shaman experience ever! The Dream Shaman!

    Wow!!!! I just had the most incredible SHAMAN healing experience with Andre!!!!
    I felt Divine love and presence immediately like I was wrapped in a warm blanket of pink and Gold love. I immedialely experienced a past life of burning on the cross. I was lovenly guided to let go. I then floated and took a journey with a new sense of love and peace. The next thing I knew I was in the ocean with dolphins swimming and relaxing!!! I then saw Andre his healing team of Angels and Guides and his Spirit Animal Guides in the room. I then was sent back to Atlantian days and saw the flood waters coming in…I felt responsible.
    I then drownded in the flood. I healed from this past life with such grace and ease! I have had such a healing. I truly feel a new sense of love, peace and tranquility from within. I would recommend this Shaman if you are ready for a Divine Spiritial healing experience to raise your vibration! I know I will return. Plus he provided me with a VERY accurate spot on report of my healing and gave me suggestions to use to open my blockages…it was an AWESOME experience! Thank you Andre you are a blessing to humanity! Namaste

  3. Fabulous Shamanic Healing Session!

    Over the weekend I had a Shamanic Healing session with Andre! He was so kind and answered all of the questions I had before the session took place. It was an amazing experience…I drifted off to sleep as he was conducting my session. I awoke and felt the energy flowing. He gave me so much information that I needed clarification on. He also, nailed some details that I sensed about myself it was like he read all of the questions I had in my head. I have been trying to open my third eye and that was the detail he pointed out right away. That I needed to have patience and once I am really ready to see with my third eye it will open. I have been getting frustrated because it wasn’t opening. But, just the fact that he told me to be patient it will come in time really made me relax about it. He also told me all of the chakras that needed work and removed negative energy from me. I felt amazing afterwards! Lighter is the best word for it. After our session was done we texted a bit about it. Later he came back to me about a song that was coming up for me about my love life. That was quite amazing. I love how channeling and energy work works since there is no timeline. I appreciated that he sent me that later after the session. It was so col. I highly recommend a session to anyone that would like clarification and healing.

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