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Healing for Mothers and their Children with ASD

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I am an Intuitive Homeopath, Reiki Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Mother of a recovered child and an explorer of life!  I specialize in restoring the well being of children who have been diagnosed with Autism, Lyme disease, ADHD and PANDAS. I also hold dear to my heart, helping women access their emotional and physical balance!

​I hold space for you to dig deeply into you or your child’s unique experience of symptoms to best select the remedy that will begin restoring physical and emotional wellness. This includes 6-8 weeks of email communication and dosing adjustments.

With a background in classical homeopathy, intuition, nosodes, sarcodes, drainage remedies and tautopathy are also a part of my practice when appropriate. Knowing that each person is unique as are their experiences, this allows individualized treatment of the whole person.

Some of the chronic conditions seen in my practice are:


Sleep trouble


Food Sensitivity



Oppositional Defiance Disorder

Vaccine Injury


Attention disorders

Chronic childhood illnesses

Food Sensitivity


Chronic Fatigue


Intuitive Homeopath Ordained Minister Reiki 2 10 years experiencing navigating biomed and alternative methods for healing the symptoms associated with autism. Guided sensation method

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  1. Compassionate Healing!

    I cannot say enough good things about the amazing session I had with Angelique Mercier! Her open and loving energy made me feel cocooned and comfortable during our meditation session. She helped me heal things from this lifetime and a past life that were keeping me stuck. The beauty of what transpired had me in tears. These releases that transpired have had me feeling uplifted, centered and directionally inspired for days! Thank you so much Angelique! I highly recommend her services!

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Our Offerings:

Intuitive Homeopathy- using the sensation method to dig deeply into where you or your child hold dissonance to best select the remedy that will begin restoring balance and vitality. Energy Healing -using a combination of Reiki, Angels, Sound and color. Dowsing and Muscle Testing One on One lessons Muscle Testing Empowerment Sessions with Flower Essences -We dig deep, I walk you through those tough emotions and identify where you need support from an essence.

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Weekdays and Some weekends please see booking site for current availability.

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