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The Solitary Soul is a place for people who need clarity and insight through intuitive based readings. These readings are meant to address matters at their core so that they can be accepted and released for healing. It is my hope that once you have a session with me, that you leave feeling reassured about what lies ahead of you where things were once unclear. The services I offer range from various tarot spreads to an intuitive picture reading.


Reiki 1st Degree Practitioner  

How to get the most out of your experience

  • With tarot you can send an email with your questions and what you'd like the reading to be focused on, or even request a reading with your own personal intentions guided towards clarity without any specific topic involved.
  • Picture readings only require a photo you are comfortable sending through email that you would like to receive messages from, whether that is a photo of you, a loved one or a pet.
Email me at: Or Contact me in a private message on my facebook page:

Other Interests / Talents

  • Astrology and Numerology
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Art and DIY Projects
  • Jewelry Making
  • Singing Bowl Meditations

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Our Offerings:

  • Intuitive Picture Reading ($15.00)- Intuitive messages picked up from examining the image provided by the client, messages received from photo could range from anything to a certain object, sentence or sometimes even names/initials.    
  • 3 Card Spread/ Past, Present and Future (20.00)- Insight and clarity into any situation you would like. These three cards signify the past, present and future outcome of the situation. Up to two clarifying cards for advice you might need.
  • 6 Card Spread  ($40.00) - Insight and clarity into any situation you would like. This reading has no particular format but can be customized based on what information you need. (Romance, Career, Health etc.)
  • Celtic Cross Spread (60.00) - This reading is a traditional ten card Celtic Cross spread. Each card positions signifies a different aspect of the situation. Includes up to three clarifying cards, for any extra insight or advice.

Our Hours:

Mon-Fri: 4pm-11pm Sat: 10am-6pm

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