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Hello Hello and Welcome!

If you have found your way here, it wasn’t an accident!

You were led here because we were meant to be in each other’s lives.  We need to work together in some way.  It’s up to YOU to figure out what way I can help lead you farther down your Spiritual Path.

My name is Melissa and I am an Angel Communicator, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher/Coach, Healer, Reiki Master, the titles could go on but honestly, I’m just here to deliver messages to those who need them, to help people learn about their Spiritual Gifts and how to use them for the greater good.  I’m a busy mom of 4 married to my sweetheart of 10 years.

I use my gifts in all kinds of different ways.  I give readings and healings.  I teach others about various topics.  Whatever Spirit tells me to do, I do!

Just stay tuned and follow along on this adventure!


Certified Advanced Angel Card Reader - Radleigh Valentine Certified Reiki Master & Teacher – Usui Ryoho Reiki Certified Fairyologist – Doreen Virtue Angel Realm Reader – Doreen Virtue

How to get the most out of your experience

Your prep will be determined by what kind of session we are having together. For the most part, come with an open mind and an open heart. Be prepared to really open up and be honest with me and yourself. If you have any questions or concerns, please come with those ready to share.

Other Interests / Talents

When I am not helping people in a session I love hanging out with my kiddos and being their Mom Taxi! I am very involved in their activities and it keeps me busy. I am an avid music lover! I have a very eclectic taste that can find me an orchestral offerings or an occasional Rick Springfield concert! I sing in a community choir for some added fun. I’m a theater buff and go to as many plays as I can every season. I write a lot and have even had an article published in an international magazine! (That was pretty cool!) You can also find me at a lot of metaphysical activities around the area. I love going and finding new techniques, readings, crystal friends, or even just learning something in a lecture about a new topic.

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