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I am a Crystal Image Medium, I magnify “Crystalline Akashic Record Portals” for accelerated information retrieval during meditation. I believe that the magnification process makes the absorption of these messages easier through the visual realm. Dr. Bruce Lipton has done studies of how our perceptions of environmental stimuli affect the DNA, this implies that we have vastly more control over our change (through what we experience) than we realize! The images I capture assist in connecting to our higher selves with our thoughts, and grant us the power to control how we change. The Images that we choose to “take in” move through the optic nerve into our very thoughts and assist in the spiritual transformation within ourselves!


I am a certified viewer of crystals or Mirometaphysicrystallographer. If you love crystals you will love to see them up close 🙂

Other Interests / Talents

I make polymer clay crystal jewelry, and give Native American animal card readings 🙂 Feel free to check out my story - https://www.awakenche.org/blog/clear-as-crystal-how-small-crystals-can-give-you-big-answers-2228  

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Chakra balancing meditation crystal sets, meditation discs, Crystal transport bags, crystals and mineral specimens, healing salves, and Optical Awakenings meditation companion books 🙂 https://opticalawakenings.weebly.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

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