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And if you’re anything like me, I bet you did, too.
There would be no cubicle, no 9-5, no white-picket fence, no 2.5 kids, and no 401k in my future.

I was never going to follow the path that my education and my parents so desperately wanted for me.
I was going to do things my way.
I didn’t know what the hell that would look like, but I did know that I was meant for more.







Just… MORE.


I first found my something ‘more’ on the streets of Morocco.

I had moved to Fes, Morocco for three months and was studying Arabic language and film.

For the first time in my life, I felt completely in charge.

(I had always been in charge, and so are you, but I didn’t know that yet.)

I could do anything I wanted and I could go anywhere in the world, which led to a roadtrip across Spain — but that’s another story.

I felt comfortable and free, and I knew what I wanted for my life.

Travel. Adventure. Freedom.

This was my more. I wanted to see the world.

And hopefully along the way, I could find a way to change it, too.

But if you want to change the world, you have to change yourself first.

Depression and Prozac had been my old friends.

It didn’t matter how far I traveled, they always seemed to find me.

For too long, I felt angry and sad and hurt by the world.


I had my reasons to be upset… don’t we all.

But I also had reasons to choose happiness.


I was just too attached to my story.

The story that I needed to be saved, by everyone but myself.

The story that I was a victim, and everything bad always happened to me.

The story that I wasn’t good enough, and had to be held together by everything but my own strength.


But I was only the person who could save me. So I did.

And that’s when I joined a cult.

Okay, not really. But it sure as hell felt like one.


After a while, being miserable gets annoying.

Or at least, my mom got annoyed of me being miserable, so she took the obvious course of action: pulling me out of college and sending me to a Hindu ashram for Yoga Teacher Training.


And that’s how I found myself in the Bahamas for six months,sleeping in a tent, wearing yellow t-shirts everyday, talking to people named after Hindu gods.


After a lot of resistance, my ego decided to get out of the way, and I opened myself up to something bigger than myself. You know… God.


I don’t know if I stopped being depressed or just started being me, but I never took another pill again.

I was trying to keep my head down, but then I went viral.

After I came back from the Bahamas, I spent the next two years of college living the good life.


Things were easy, and things were fun. I aced my classes, had fun in my sorority, and was heavily involved with student organizations.


The problem was that one of these organizations had a history of racism that prevented students of color from getting involved on campus.

So I made a video exposing the whole thing, and it was declared viral within 24 hours.


I was interviewed by Cosmopolitan and the Independent, and took meetings with the University President and Dean of Students.


It was my first experiment in using social media to create a movement, and the catalyst for my online business.

I had $800 in my bank account and a one-way ticket to Bali.

I had read enough articles and seen enough Ted Talks to know I could hack this online business thing.


More than anything I wanted to see the world, and I knew that my life’s purpose would not be found in a cubicle.

Bali had a vibrant expat and yoga community, and something about it called my name, so I booked a one-way ticket and decided to figure it out.


I had $800 in my bank account and no idea what was going to happen next, but I didn’t have time to be worried.

Failure was not an option and I was going all in.


I found my first job writing social media posts for $12/hour.

And at the end of my first month, I had made $5,000.

I decided to take a leap of faith.

I had found instant success in my business, and people online were noticing it, too.


I was signing new clients every week and raising my rates every month. I made friends with industry leaders and was supporting multi-six-figure launches.

But still it wasn’t enough. I wanted more.


If I was going to take my life and business to the next-level, I knew I was going to need help from someone who could push me farther than I could push myself.

I needed a coach. And a good one.


I was shaking as I typed in my credit card number, but I paid $3600 to work with a coach for 6 weeks.


I had no idea if I’d ever make that money back, but I took a leap of faith and I bet on myself.

And that’s when things got crazy.

Immediately after hiring my coach, I had my first $10K month.

Two months later, I had my first $20K month.

I was being interviewed for articles, podcasts, summits, and guest trainings.

My clients were being picked up in Forbes, Inc., The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Glamour, Cosmo, and Bustle.

They were making hundreds of thousands of dollars in new income, retiring their husbands, traveling the world, and embodying the more they had always longed for.


It didn’t matter if they were at home with their kids or on the beaches of Bali: my clients were writing their own rules, redefining freedom, and living life on their terms.


In helping others find their more, I had found mine.

If I was going to have it all, my business needed these three things.

I didn’t go in to my business for myself to end up tired, broke, and burnt out.

And yet, I saw so many entrepreneurs celebrating the hustle while they struggled with long hours and low profits.


Burn-out is a dirty word. And it’s not something I accept for myself or my clients.


That’s why I developed my signature Intentional, Manageable, and Profitable framework.


I use these three elements to guide my clients into building a business that offers ultimate personal and financial freedom.

That means they can work less hours, make more money, and build a business that feels good.

I found my something ‘more’, and it’s my mission to help you find yours.

Whatever it is you want, whatever it is you’re searching for: I’ll help you get it.


It’s my job.

It’s my soul mission.

And it’s what I want for you.


It goes beyond helping you with your business, it’s about helping you with your life. And empowering you to fearlessly chase your dreams, knowing deeply that you can create whatever it is you desire.


Make today the first day of the rest of your life.

Decide that you will never accept anything less than everything you want.

And always know that you were meant for more.



Are you ready to reclaim your freedom and live life on your own terms?

Do you want to build a business that lets you see the world while you change the world?

Do you know deep in your bones that you were meant to make a massive impact?


“Sabrina genuinely cares for her clients. She fiercely and passionately works with you to accomplish your business goals and does way more than the average person to get you there. Sabrina sends me messages all the time to help me and she puts me in touch with some of the biggest names in this industry just because she cares about me and my business.

Working with her and learning from her is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business. She over-delivers, she goes above and beyond, and she is worth every single penny. Trust me.”

– Maria Wendt, Branding Strategist & Graphic Designer


The Ted Talk. The book deal.

The six-figure income and first-class travel.

The passport full of stamps and heart full of memories.



And it’s my job to make sure you get it.




Using my Intentional, Manageable, Profitable framework I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs build wildly successful businesses while making their own rules and living life on their terms.

These 3 elements are non-negotiable to meeting your desires.


I’ll help you get clear on what you really want from your life and business, and what steps you need to take to get there. No more wasting time, no more second-guessing. Just a clear vision and strategy to give you everything and more.



It’s time to stop trading hours for dollars, and start building a business that works for you. We’ll put in place systems, structures, and team-members that support your growth, so you can hustle without the headache and build a business that feels good.



Are you ready for six-figures and beyond? Together we’ll build a business where your income matches your impact, and your every desire is met. You’ll master the art of selling and never again struggle on a sales call.




Interested in working with me but not sure which option is the best fit for you?

Book a complimentary discovery call here, or email my team at


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