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Rachele is a Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse Manager Leader who believes in healing modalities beyond western medicine. She is a certified Reiki Master and a Nutrition Coach. Her intuitive and psychic abilities aid in her connection to her clients and the healing process.

Cameron is a therapeutic massage apprentice. He is highly empathic and “tuned in” to his clients needs and status.  He will obtain his massage license in fall 2018.


Reiki Master Registered Nurse Certified Nurse Manager Leader Balanced Bites Master Class Practitioner

How to get the most out of your experience

Please bring your intention for healing.

Other Interests / Talents

Rachele loves yoga, hiking, and going to the beach! Life in Hawaii is amazing! Cameron has a green thumb and loves camping, working on his '68 Lincoln. We are blessed!


  1. Healing Session with Rachele

    After having a session with Rachele Halliday, i have to say that it’s been totally worthwhile. Along with insights and advice which are perfectly sensible and clearly communicated, i have to say that her genuine concern and support have a healing effect of their own, as it is quite easy to feel comfortable and open up without any concern of judgement. Great listener and it felt more like friendly conversation than a healing session, but with amazing healing benefits. Would definitely recommend.

  2. Feeling more myself!

    My reiki session with Rachele was WONDERFUL! Following, I found that it was much easier to tap into my heart center and much more motivated to face the tasks ahead!

    She accurately tuned into where I had been holding onto some emotions as well as gave me the beautiful gift of a channeled message from my great grandmother.

    Thank you Rachele!!

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Our Offerings:

-Distance and In-Person Reiki: Each session begins with an energy scan and Chakra reading. Reiki healing is done with intuitive guidance for general healing and possible clearing of ancestral, past life and current life attachments, cords, contracts. All you have to do is rest comfortably for 45min. After completion, depending on selection, I will chat with you after via in person conversation, text,phone call or video chat. -Nutritional Coaching Classes: These are not your traditional "eat this, don't eat that" training. In my 1:1 classes and group coaching classe you will be lead to clear the "root" of the problem (Chakra pun intended) before moving forward with designing your healthy lifestyle. Guess what, Health and the lifestyle you choose look different for everyone! In 5 steps over 4-6 weeks, I will help you remove limiting beliefs and other obstacles around your health (some coachings include a distance Reiki session), educate you on "diet" options that may best serve you in your life today and easy ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into YOUR life.

Our Hours:

Hours vary, see scheduler below.

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