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A manifested destiny through creativity, healing and love.

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HeArt Seeds Healing and Creative Expression Studio is a place to heal, grow and expand creatively throughout the process of healing, ascension and conscious connection.  HeArt Seeds was manifested out of a dream that Rebecca had. These seeds come from our hearts. We give them light to grow and expand from the release, courage and the power we feel from facing our fears. They are nurtured by peace, serenity and love which expands into the Universe and are then planted in the hearts of other courageous souls beginning their own healing journeys.  Rebecca Wirfs coaches, mentors and teaches others to sow their own HeArt Seeds through individual or group connection sessions, classes, workshops and retreats.


Rebecca is the Founding Director of Vets THRIVE Foundation.  The Vets THRIVE Mission is to provide lifestyle transition support through practical, creative and holistic experiences for veterans and their families.


Usui Reiki certified, Associate of Art degree in Illustration from Academy of Art University, SHES organization Ordained Minister

How to get the most out of your experience

Come as you are.  There is nothing you need to bring with you except the desire to be heart centered and open to receive what is needed for you at this time.  Anything else can be discussed when setting the appointment.

Other Interests / Talents

I am inspired by many things: ideas, colors.... I dream about my childhood. Some of the same things that inspired me when daydreaming as a child are the things that still inspire me. I love cloud watching. You never know when you will see your next painting already drawn out for you, ready to be picked out of the sky. I think a lot about my grandparents. My Grandpa George had the most beautiful flower garden. My Grandma Ruth was an amazing artist. I can still picture snuggling up with one of her quilts. My Grandpa Howard was a beacon of light and love. I miss standing on the seat next to him in his vintage Ford on the way to get orange juice. Grandma Lorna, well, she was full of piss and vinegar. I think that is where I get my personality. I am inspired by and passionate about my family.  My deep devotion and love of nurturing and providing comfort for them gives me great strength. My desire to heal throughout my life continues to push me to greater spiritual heights.  Utilizing creativity as a tool to navigate the waters and paths that I forge is essential to my self expression of Love.

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  1. Self Love

    I am a Creative Visionary and Badass Warrior bent on healing and growing as much as possible. When we share our experiences and light, we give others permission and courage to do the same. Healing is contagious. I work with Reiki and Shamanic Healing to balance energy and utilize creativity to navigate the Ascension process. I mentor and coach others to do the same. I am a founder of a non profit for Veterans and their families to utilize these same concepts for healing and growth in their own lives. I love meeting making conscious connections with other infinite beings.

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Our Offerings:

  • Creative Spiritual Expression Coaching, Classes, Workshops and Retreats
  • Creative Visionary Artist
  • Shamanic Painting/Soul Portrait Artist
  • Shamanic Healing and Chakra Balancing
  • Usui Reiki Energy Practitioner
  • Veterans and Family services provided through Vets THRIVE Foundation for holistic, creative and practical transition support. All services are at low to no cost for Veterans and their families.

Our Hours:

I am mobile, I can come to you, or we can meet in my space. Please ask for details. By Appointment

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