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BringLight Into Your Life as You Discover the Heart of Your Soul

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Intuitive Life Coach & Holistic Practitioner

Bringing Light Back Into Your Life as You Discover the Heart of Your Soul


Many of us have given away our power and lost the vision of our soul’s purpose by allowing our time and energy to be consumed in tending to the needs of others. Even from a life that seems happy, so many women are still asking themselves, “what is missing?” A sense of brokenness or disconnect holds them in a pattern of stagnant energy. I am here to tell you that we can find the source of disconnect and uncover radiant passions and energy that will build you up in a way you never thought possible!


With the Intention of Moving you OUT OF THE SHADOWS and into YOUR PERSONAL LIGHT, we will work together to answer these important questions:

*What is it truly costing you to stay small and on a path of pure survival mode?

*What are your soul’s passions and purpose?

*What would you gain by releasing fear, core traumas, and restricting belief patterns?

*What is the next step?


With the use of coaching methods and an array of holistic healing modalities, we will work together to determine the best course of action for your journey. Now is the time to rise up in your true power and purpose!  Through intuition and direct connection to your Angels, Guides, and Source we will gain a deeper understanding of your needs. Opening eyes to the truth of any situation we can move you from a space of anxiety or fear to a place of alignment and serenity.

What are you waiting for? Together we can Bring the Light Back Into Your Life as You Discover the Heart of Your Soul!


Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Usui / Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, Advanced Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner, Certified Angelic Chakra Integration Practitioner

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  1. True Messenger of Divine

    I had a session of “Channeled Message From Universe” with Stephanie and I AM BLOWN AWAY!!! The message she communicated what the energies had is SO SPOT ON! She has no idea about what state and energy I was in, and how impatient I can get, but she got that message from the guides to relay to me to take it step by step than rushing. Her message is something you need to post it up on your office desk or study desk or wherever you look at it Everyday. It not only Calms you but also makes you Believe the fact that everything will work out. She is SO ACCURATE and exactly what I needed to hear. She is a true Messenger of the Divine 🙂

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