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You’ve likely noticed the influx of crystals and gemstones on the market lately. Crystal and gemstone collectors have been around for centuries, but within the last few years, their popularity has been increasing once again.

People are drawn to crystals for many reasons – their beauty being the main one. But crystals are also considered to be excellent healers. In shamanism, crystals are much like stones, or “the grandfathers,” in that they store information. Each crystal has a particular meaning that has been identified for centuries. Unfortunately, we don’t know when exactly their meanings were determined or who came up with them, but crystals do have their own energy and vibration, which makes them an excellent candidate for healing work.

What exactly is crystal healing?

While it is not an alternative to traditional medicine, crystal healing is a technique in which stones and crystals are used to treat illnesses, emotional concerns, blockages, and the prevention of diseases. Those who use this healing modality see crystals as conduits for healing energy and believe that crystals can assist in the flow of positive, healing energy, while simultaneously pushing out negative disease-causing energy.

It has not been proven by science, however, that crystal healing can treat diseases because no evidence has been attained that supports the idea that diseases generate from certain energy flow in the body. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, healing crystals continue to be popular at metaphysical shops, New Age centers, health spas, and some clinics. They can even be incorporated into other energy modalities such as Reiki and shamanism. In certain environments, crystals can promote relaxation, especially when accompanied by meditation.

How does crystal healing work?

As we’ve said before, crystal healing practitioners believe that crystals and gemstones have characteristics or properties that aid in healing work. Many sites and books state that it is an ancient practice that possibly dates back 6,000 to the time of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Based on Egyptian artwork, we have known for centuries that the ancient Egyptians were big proponents of crystals and are among the first civilizations to wear them in order to ward off bad energies and sickness.
Today, you’ll more than likely find a crystal healer who uses a blend of teachings such as the Chinese concept of life energy or chi and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of chakras. During a crystal healing session, the practitioner will often select stones and place them around as well as on the body. Sometimes chromotherapy comes into play, meaning the practitioner will select and place crystals on the body as they align with colors of the chakras. Though beliefs vary around the world, many crystal healers believe the following concepts are universal:

Amethyst – great for the intestines

Green aventurine – assists the heart with physical and emotional concerns

Yellow topaz – provides mental clarity

In conclusion

If this type of treatment fascinates you, consider learning through various free courses online. You can also find ways to incorporate crystals into you personal and professional life by getting a little creative.