Helping Your Family with Ancestral Healing

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Did you know that in your healing journey you have the ability to heal your ancestral line from past to present? Just as every person carries experiences from one lifetime to another, families do too. As the newest members of our family line enter life, we have the responsibility to try and resolve at least some of the persistent issues that run through our family line.

There are many problems that tend to run in families such as addiction, depression, heart disease, obesity, and more but have you ever wondered what they stem from?

Perhaps you harbor the same fears as your parents or grandparents and those fears tend to manifest in your family in a specific way. These fears are an example of an ancestral imbalance. While you may not know exactly how or why the imbalance started, the good news is that you can take steps to correct it. Energy healers across the globe have had the tools to heal ancestral lines for centuries, the problem is these practices fell out of use.

What does ancestral healing involve?

Ancestral healing is the practice of healing your ancestors’ unresolved emotional issues, trauma, or problems. When you engage in this kind of work you release yourself (and your family members on the other side) from energetic patterns that prevent you from living your life to the fullest.

The wounds that are passed down from generation to generation impact us on an emotional and energetic level. Some of those wounds can put roadblocks in front of us that prevent us from being happy, abundant, and joyful.

It is important to remember that energy is never lost, it just transforms over time, so the emotional issues or problems that weren’t fully dealt with by our ancestors can linger in our own energy fields. When this happens, we have multiple healing opportunities.

Much like all healing practices, engaging in ancestral healing helps us transform patterns, behaviors, and belief systems that are not in our highest good. While clearing away these energetic blockages is always important, it is critical to release them if they are preventing us from carrying out our life’s purpose.

If you are facing recurring patterns or beliefs that you can’t shake, ancestral healing may be the missing link that will help you attain personal fulfillment.

Honoring our ancestors

Most tribal and indigenous cultures believe that their ancestors continue to play a vital role in their daily lives. Native American and Aboriginal cultures hold these beliefs in particular. As an example, the Navajo honor the seven generations of their ancestral lineage any time they make an important decision that impacts their community or immediate family.

Even though the ancestor is no longer among the living, that person’s soul is seen as very much alive on the other side.

It can be tempting to become angry with our ancestors when we first attempt to do this kind of work, but we should remember that they were once human like us. No one in our family is perfect and we can’t blame them from inadvertently passing on energy they didn’t mean to share with us. What we need to focus on is healing ourselves first and then healing our energetic ancestral line as much as we can.

If you are interested in healing our ancestral line, reach out to an energetic practitioner on TribeFinder today. You may find someone in your area that offers in-person readings or you may find a practitioner that you vibe with who offers long-distance sessions.