What the Heck is Soul Retrieval?

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Who am I?

Why am I here?

Where am I going?

What do I need to do to get there?

We’ve all asked ourselves these big questions and have probably received some fuzzy if not downright confusing answers in return. When this happens, we end up in a perplexed and lost state that keeps us spinning our wheels or waiting in the spiritual cave.

Thanks to fairy tales, movies, and fiction, we’ve all heard of the idea of destiny – the notion that we have contracts with God/Creator/Source regarding what we’re supposed to do on Earth to achieve happiness, success, and peace. Society would have us believe that destiny is something only a knight in shining armor, a warrior, or a beautiful princess can find and fulfill, but that is not the case.

Each of us has a purpose for being here at this time. We have a destiny that our souls subscribed to before we ever came to Earth. The problem is that we forgot it as soon as we arrived!

So what do we do?

In shamanic circles, there is such a thing known as destiny retrieval. Destiny retrieval is the answer to reversing destiny loss and it uses aspects of energy work such as soul clearing, pathfinding, and signpost recognition.

This ancient practice was used by shamans and energy workers alike to help clients team up with their spirit allies and align with their destiny. When you participate in this type of work, you learn how to be the hero of your own life and mind, what gives your life meaning, and what your soul’s journey is.

What do you need to learn in this lifetime? What do you have to offer the world? What gives your life purpose and meaning? These questions can be answered by soul retrieval.

How can destiny retrieval help you?

Finding and aligning with your destiny can lead to a brighter, higher future that is typically something outside of what we imagined for ourselves. Destiny is not something far away that you have to run and catch – it’s sitting right here with you at this very moment. Destiny is the song waiting to burst from your spirit. Your spiritual journey is about hearing your true voice and letting it speak for you.

You didn’t come here to just pay bills and die

Have you seen this meme floating around on social media? It’s true. There’s more to life than just scraping by at a job or in a career that burdens you. Destiny retrieval will help you uncover the brilliance that is already present inside you.

While this process seems simple, energy practitioners and shamans know that sometimes seeing the spark inside us is the toughest challenge we face. The biggest hurdle is to allow ourselves to flow into a life filled with purpose, significance, success, and happiness. Once we recognize that we deserve each of those things, we are ready to retrieve our destiny.

To find an energy practitioner or modern shaman who is practiced in the art of destiny retrieval, we suggest you search tribefinder. You’ll discover who you vibe with and who can help you take the next successful step in your healing journey.