How to Create a Meaningful Sacred Space

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Sacred SpaceSacred space is where you can find yourself. Here, you can get in touch with your true desires and dreams. Most of the time our lives are so busy and noisy that we forget to give ourselves time to enjoy the quiet. Silence can be healing. But when we’re out in the world it’s difficult for us to control the noise level let alone the stimuli we are subjected to.

One of the best ways to hit the reset button is to create a space in our home for peacefulness, healing, and quiet. Now, keep in mind that you don’t have to be a boho-chic lover who’s into dream catchers and oversized slouchy sweaters. A sacred space is all about what you need.

To create a space that’s meaningful and sacred, consider the following:

1. Determine what’s “sacred” to you. Do you practice yoga and need to allow room for that in your sacred space? We may say that sacred means peaceful, spiritual, and uplifting to us but that might not be what it means to you.

2. Choose a space in your home that will be your sacred place. Some people feel that a sacred space has to be an entire room, but that’s not always the case. It can be your favorite chair, corner of the room, or your favorite shelf.

3. Fashion an altar. Place items that are meaningful to you in your sacred space. If you like candles and Buddhas, feel free to place them where. If you’re a crystal lover and dig the energy they carry, keep your crystals there. You can also place whatever items are special to you in the place. Do you have a favorite piece of your children’s artwork? Keep it in your sacred space. Do you have a token from your childhood that has been with you for years? Keep it here too.

4. Draw inspiration from multiple sources and display it. Bring meaningful quotes, spiritual symbols, plants, and calming music into your sacred space. These items will support you whenever the stress becomes too heavy and you need to be reminded of the important things in life. Don’t forget to incorporate color into the space! Use this area to celebrate your favorite color with some candles, an altar cloth, or flowers in your favorite color.

5. Develop a routine. After you’ve put your sacred space together, determine how you will continue to interact with it. Do you plan to practice yoga there every morning or night? Will you always meditate here? Will you say a prayer here every day? You can also sit with your eyes closed and take a few minutes of peace and quiet. Whatever you decide, don’t forget that this place is where you can go to regroup.

Your sacred space can be filled with whatever brings you peace, healing, and happiness. Creating this spot in your home is easy to do and it will bring you so many benefits in the long run.