The Core Wound: The Seat of Your Gifts and Challenges

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Everyone experiences pain and heartbreak at some point in their life. Sometimes what gashes us open leaves us feeling wounded for a while. Perhaps that pain shapes us throughout the rest of our lifetime. Some people experience pain early in life or traumas that change them at a young age. Others have happy childhoods but end up with wounds nonetheless. What we find in common, however, is the one driving force that’s attempting to teach us – the core wound.

What is a core wound?

Core wounds tend to be things like a sense of not being enough, of being unlovable to a parent, of feeling stupid, dirty, unwanted, or ugly. Other common examples are abandonment, powerlessness, fear, unlovable, betrayal, sadness, anger, shame, rejection, unworthiness. Regardless of what your wound is, it’s almost a guarantee that it plays a role in who you are and what actions you take. If you are familiar with energy work, you may try to heal your wound now, yet how it affects you may live on.

Working with the core wound

Healing your main wound will lead to all sorts of changes in life and some of those changes may come with growing pains. When we attempt to heal the wound, we should ask ourselves if the pain of healing will be worth it in the end. In truth, it’s much like the thought process we take when deciding if a part of our body that’s no longer serving us should be surgically removed. The idea of recovering from the surgery might sound painful, but in the long run, we may end up so much healthier, happier, and free.

Why it will continue to show up

The tricky thing about this type of wound is that it typically sits in the same place as your gifts. Most of the time it sits in a chakra that is most influential. For instance, an artist might have an inadequacy wound that resides in his sacral chakra. Since the sacral chakra governs creativity, the artist may struggle with confidence and occasional creative blocks that prevent him from producing artwork.

As a result, the wound calls situations and people to us. Why? It’s attempting to help us learn what the lesson(s) we came here to learn. It’s essentially a gravitational pull that attracts people and circumstances into the person’s life for the purpose of the hurt being experienced and finally released.

Letting go is the tricky part

When working with our wounds, it’s important to remember that we can’t fully be in the present when we have old wounds that are still energetically bleeding and impacting us. Even if we don’t realize it, these wounds will call us back into the past where we’ll dwell. To move forward, those emotional wounds must be healed so the energy that’s tied to them can be sent away from the body, yet so many are afraid to do so. Why are people so afraid to experience their hurt feelings of fear, shame, anger, and sadness?

  1. The mistaken belief that the pain will be greater than is so.
  2. Fear that the feelings will overtake them and they may not be able to recover, remaining stuck in the discomfort.
  3. Fear of being or appearing weak.

Undergoing this journey, we all come to one realization, that any emotional pain or limiting belief that is experienced fully, for just one moment, is healed and released, often permanently. We also realize that each of us comes into adulthood with the core wound crying to be healed and a core purpose calling to be fulfilled.