Beyond Traditional Reiki: Other Forms that You Can Make Use of

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ReikiIf you’ve been working with Reiki energy for a while, you’re probably familiar with one or two other modalities. Perhaps you’ve run into some challenging patterns that you need help breaking through during sessions or maybe you’re looking for the next way to expand your knowledge and awareness.

There are many types of Reiki that go beyond the Usui method, which so many people are aware of. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with the Usui method as it is quite powerful and deeply healing.

But, if you’re thinking of adding a few new feathers to your modality hat, consider learning about the following forms of Reiki.

Violet Flame Reiki

The violet flame is also called the violet fire and it is a unique spiritual energy that helps you with all areas of your life. The violet flame has the power to heal emotional and physical issues, improve relationships, and help you grow on your spiritual path.

The flame itself is the essence of a unique spiritual light. Emanating from divine light, the violet flame comes forth from the violet ray and represents qualities of freedom, transmutation, forgiveness, and mercy.

The color violet has been associated with spirituality for years since it is the highest frequency in the visible color spectrum. Ascended Masters such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Krishna knew how to use the violet flame and did so on Earth before becoming one with God or Creator again. The violet flame was passed on to the public earlier this century via Saint Germain.

The violet flame allows us to change or transmute the cause, effect, and memory of our previous mistakes. While it doesn’t allow us to go back to the past to change our mistakes, it allows us to fully heal from them, which makes us stronger.

Holy Fire Reiki

A new form of Reiki that was introduced by the ICRT about three years ago is Holy Fire Reiki. It is a powerful and gentle form that brings us purification, empowerment, guidance, and healing.

Holy Fire energy is different from other Reiki energies because it is more refined. It also comes from a higher level of consciousness. Holy Fire Reiki works continuously even when we’re not thinking about it and can heal issues when they come up. Once it is received, it continues to develop itself by becoming more evolved and effective.

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki is very different from the traditional Usui method because it doesn’t originate out of Japan. In fact, it was founded by Danish man Ole Gabrielsen about 14 years ago. It has become quite popular because of its simple and effective system. Unlike the Usui method, Kundalini requires active thought while it’s being practiced. It is the thought that activates the healing.

Rainbow Reiki

Developed in 1989 by Walter Lubeck, a Reiki Master who resides in Germany, Rainbow Reiki is based on Usui’s method. The main difference between the two is that the focus is mostly on light body healing. This form of Reiki also incorporates the use of crystals and additional mantras that go beyond those used in the Usui method.